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Peds in Savehouses, and other Interior finds...


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firstly excuse the bad s+g as im on my psp.


Peds in savehouses

1) recruit desired ped/s and go to savehouse.

2) hold R1 and stand in the y arow with the ped and press down.

3) hit the ped from the side or back, as their falling let go of R1 and enter the savehouse.

4) press up while sprinting to the savedisk.

5) cancel the save and the peds will spawn in your house.

note: if your too slow they appear as ghosts

(also cj can have his photo taken inside.) and its gd having fist fights in his gaff. enjoy...

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mhm someone to confirm?

This glitch is known since a long time. Nothing new. Have a cookie.gif if you found it on your own.

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minor exits to interiors:


Vagos gaff:

1)go to the 5thish step on the stairs and Super jump facing away from the top you will land on the roof of the first floor,

2)their is an invis wall to ur right, you need to make ur way to that side via an invis floor in front(use guns)

3)once their SJ too the top.

their are a few SDs, an unreachable y arrow, and the record hallway.


Colonel F:

go to the end of the top hallway and SJ thru the roof.


Smokes CP:

go to the END room of the 3rd fr, and SJ thru the weak rf.

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easy hidden tats:

1)go to ls tattoo shop and enable SJ's

2)stand BEHIND the guy and jump INTO him, you will be transported ontop.

(i call this the GlitchJump, as it can exit 90% of interiors and enter blue hell, all that is needed is a ped pref recruited.

3) hold analog up and jump inline with the YA.


Sweets and Ryders gaff:

1) use PiS at CJs mams.

2) stand on the sofa and GJ the ped.

3) once on the ecsterior use 3 satchels and blast yourself to Sweets YA.

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telneting: Please search before posting. While it's commendable when one finds so many glitches/tricks on one's own, most of this information has been discovered and discussed already. smile.gif


Also, please edit your posts; double- and triple-posting aren't encouraged here.


You'll Never Walk Alone

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someone just do these finds, ecspes the exit any interior one (w/o gameshark) pref sweets.

Edited by telneting
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  • 5 years later...

Idlewood Pizza Stack interior replaced with unused doughnut shop interior:



Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

76090BC0 00000000

28D3258B 0C317E9C



1C41E11A B8696A05


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)









PAL v1
Codebreaker 7+
Action Replay Max

760D3C50 00000000

28D3C28B 0C317E9C



D1E8E87F C9F062F5


Action Replay Max




Replacement 1st lines:

(if need be)









I hate that peds spawn inside this interior.


Note: The changes are permanent; don't save until you complete the "Ryder" mission.

Edited by King Andreas
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