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Co-op multiplayer acheivement guide


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There are innumerable online multiplayer games in which the goal is to either

kill the other players while following a floating gun-hand or outscore them

in a sports title. Rarely is a developer able to create an interesting game

in which the spirit of cooperation is the key to success.


This guide is not a complete rundown of all of the various multiplayer

challenges of Grand Theft Auto IV. It only covers the three (so far) co-op

multiplayer modes: Deal Breaker, Hangman's Noose, and Bomb Da Base II.


The reader will find a basic rundown of the requirements for completion as

well as some simple tips for making the tasks a bit easier.





Deal Breaker:





After a brief story video, this mission begins in the West Dyke area at the

mansion. Rally the team and head toward the building under construction

which is in the Actor Industrial Park. There are 7 levels to the building,

and the objective is to clear out enough enemy bikers for the team to

retrieve the drugs they are carrying. The drug packages will be represented

on the HUD map as green squares. The chevron on the green icon will be

pointing up or down (either a V shape or a /\ shape) which will indicate if

it is above the player or below.


Once the required number of enemies has been dispatched, the team will be

alerted that the rest of the bikers are fleeing. They must all be eliminated

before they can escape. When playing with four team members, there will be

choppers with two bikers on each as well as a van and a boat. The HUD will

show these enemies as red icons on the map and will continue to indicate the

choppers even after the riders have fled or been killed.











[Developer's best time]






The best way to beat the developer's time and earn the achievement is to use

only a two player team. When only two players are on board, there is only

one fleeing biker to dispatch. The two player team that grabs the chopper

from the mansion on Owl Creek Drive is able to access the roof of the building

and eliminate the bikers more quickly. The team should split up and take the

two different staircases. There are four enemies on the roof level, then a

couple on the next one down, then an empty level with a group of

shotgun-toting bikers coming up the stairs. These are the most common

spoilers of an otherwise perfect run.


Each time a biker is killed, it is of utmost importance that their small

red glowing bundle be retrieved immediately. Also it is important that

whichever team member grabs the RPG make haste to the Southwest corner of the

island to dispatch the boat and all its passengers. This ends the mission as

quickly as possible.


It is probably not possible to get the achievement with 4 players, but...


With a team of four players, it would be wise to dispatch one to the docks to

secure a boat early on. Having another player waiting outside the perimeter

of the construction site would also be beneficial as it can take some time to

run down all of the stairs, find a vehicle and get clear of the secondary

roads and twisting alleyways with which the seasoned player should become



This leaves two remaining players to clear the construction site of enemies.

Even as the players approach the site, the bikers begin firing. For this

reason it is wise to take cover among the vehicles and pick off as many

enemies from the ground as possible. There are a few bikers who linger

around the elevated structures outside the main building which can be

troublesome, so they need to be eliminated as well.


Once the ground floor resistance has been neutralized, the two players who

will be clearing the rest of the building should proceed to opposite

stairwells and take alternate floors. It should be agreed in advance that

one player take the odd floors and one take the even. The other two players

should be in position to give chase once the last drug package has been



Running down the fleeing enemies is fairly straightforward. After a few

plays it should become routine to dispatch the van, the motorcyclists, and

the boat. Having a specialist waiting in the speedboat (which is located

at the docks just [North] of the construction site) should greatly reduce

the time required to complete the mission.




Destroying the vehicles located around the construction site in advance does

NOT prevent the bikers from fleeing.






Hangman's Noose:





When this mission begins, the team appears right in the midst of a firefight

at the airport. The objective is to eliminate a certain number of enemy

police, giving the team enough time to bring a vehicle to the indicated spot

next to Petrovic's jet and escort him to safety at a soccer field on

Charge Island.









[Developer's best time]






There's really only one strategy for this mission: eliminate the police

presence as quickly as possible while two team members fetch a helicopters.

It's certainly possible to take control of a SWAT van and evade police while

escorting the target to safety, but it's much easier for two players to grab

a nearby baggage cart and drive to the area where the choppers are located,

just North of the firefight. The machine guns on the Annihilator will make

short work of the police which swarm around the target. The second player

will need to fly directly to the rally point on Charge Island (if there's a

full complement of 4 players on the team) because the main chopper will be

at capacity once Petrovic boards.


Once in the air with an armed helicopter, evading the police vehicles (even

the police choppers) is a breeze. Provided the fourth player has already

landed at the field, the chopper with Petrovic can crash-land right onto the

spot, ending the mission.


If only 3 players are on the team, it is unnecessary for the extry player to

take an additional chopper.





Bomb Da' Base II





This mission is composed of three stages.


Play begins with the team members standing if front of two vehicles. There

is a Gruppe 6 armored car with two escort SUVs cruising around town

which must be located by the team. The escorts do not have to be destroyed

to complete the mission, but the target armored car (with two gunners in the

back) has to be sufficiently shot up for the driver to stop the vehicle.

Whatever remains of the four-member armored car protection squad will emerge

from the vehicle and attempt to repel the team with machine-gun fire. The

only requirement of this stage is that at least one team member enters the

armored car and drives it to the designated rally point in Westminster. Any

wanted level attained up to this point will disappear once the players cross

the small bridge leading to the rally point. In fact, if a patrol car

somehow finds its way across the bridge, the police will completely ignore

any threatening behavior.


Once the armored car and all remaining team members arrive at the rally

point, there is a short cut scene and a helicopter arrives to carry the team

to the final destination. Piloting the chopper around the buildings and to

the dock should be fairly simple for any player familiar with the controls.

When the team gets close to the Platypus, a notice will pop up on the players'

screens indicating that explosives should be placed at the weak points of the



When the team exits the chopper and approaches the ship, a significant number

of enemies begin shooting from the deck. The team will need to eliminate as

many of these as is necessary to gain entry to the hull of the ship. There

is only one hatch which is opened, and this hatch leads to a room which has

one set of stairs leading up to the Bridge and one set that leads underneath.

These areas are heavily guarded, and the team must dispatch enough guards to

enable access to the 2 areas where markers indicate the weak points. Any

player who contacts the marked spot will begin planting a bomb (which does

not appear in the player's arsenal). After the second bomb is placed, a

timer will begin ticking down 64 seconds. Once the time runs out or the last

player steps off the ship, the ship will explode and the mission will end.








Sniper Rifle


[Developer's best time]






Once the Gruppe 6 armored car has been located, the escorts just need to be

sufficiently crippled to delay their progress. When the back doors of the

target vehicle open, it is important to eliminate the occupants as quickly as

possible, as they have direct line-of-sight on the team. The inevitable

police attention and remaining occupants of the armored car should be swiftly

eliminated and the vehicle driven away as soon as possible. Additional team

members should pile into the back of the vehicle and fend off pursuing police

vehicle, although as stated above they will cease to be a problem once the

team crosses over the short bridge leading to the rally point.


A skilled chopper pilot can navigate the team directly to the aft of The

Platypus, just on the other side of the entryway to the interior. While this

method saves a great deal of time, it leaves the majority of the crew alive,

scattered around the deck. Another method, for those players unable to

breach the interior this way, is to land the chopper well away from the ship

and use the sniper rifle to pick off as many crew as are visible. This makes

boarding the ship from the ladder (starboard side, towards the fore of the

ship) easier. Some health and body armor pickups are located around the

deck as shown below:


Port Side


| V \ F

A | ___ \ O

F | + ( ) \ R

T | --- + +/ E

| /


Starboard Side ||



+ Health


V Body Armor


(_) Access to interior


|| Gangplank





Once inside the ship, there are several crew members milling about the small

galley area. This is a good spot for some carefully thrown grenades. Once

clear, the remaining team members should split up. Two should go up the

stairs towards the Bridge and two should venture below. Stragglers who are

not sure which direction the rest of the team has been (and who are too poor

to have a headset) can determine this in a simple way. If no one has already

headed below, the body armor which is found just inside the hatch leading

down will still be there. If no one has headed upstairs, the enemy waiting

at the top of the stairs will immediately begin shooting when the player

begins climbing the stairs.


Clearing out the crew guarding the two bomb locations is straightforward.

Moving along downstairs involves a hallway with duck-in cubbys convenient for

the assault. Several enemies can be dispatched from the safety of this

cover. Once in the wide-open storage area, moving along the right side of

the objects chucking the occasional grenade and picking off the turkeys as

they stick their heads up is a simple enough affair. The objective is all

the way at the back of the room.


Going upstairs is perhaps a bit tougher, but still not too difficult. The

hallway at the top of the stairs has several bunks on each side and crew come

pouring out the greet the team. Once this area is clear, the team should

proceed outdoors and around the structure, taking care to look above for

snipers. Once up the outdoor stairs, the final hatch leading to the Bridge

is revealed. Several crew are hiding in here among the equipment and

eliminating each of them can be difficult...without a grenade. One carefully

thrown 'nade should take out the three crew (presumably the Skipper is among

them) leaving only one final enemy standing outside the opposite door. When

this area is clear of enemies, whichever team member approaches the floating

icon will trigger the bomb-setting animation.


When both bombs have been set, the timer begins ticking and all team members

must disembark. This should be plenty of time, but if some enemy crew have

been left alive on deck, it may be prudent to jump overboard (preferably

towards the water) to save time.






Please consider adding this xbox360 gamertag :






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Great guide, have you personally beaten the times? Ranked Match or Player Match?

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DDR Midian

Considering this is the best guide for these missions I've seen so far, this might be a good place to find people to help me with it tounge.gif


I'll add you TC, and to anyone else that wants to try and beat these times, I'm available on the 360 version. GT= DDR Midian

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Alas, I have not beaten the Deal Breaker achievement time on Ranked setting, as it is dependent on a number of factors:


- Having one qualified teammate who knows the drill

- Landing the helicopter on the roof without ruining the rotors

- Not missing the boat with the rocket launcher


It's always one thing or another.


What's not shown on my little guide is that (obviously) you'd want to take the chopper back to home base when you're done.

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