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somebody just tryed sayin that ps3 wont have the same DLC as xbox sneaky2.gif


ps3 will have the SAME DLC 2 weeks later. i have called Sony and yes they confirmed there will be dlc same as the pos 360 why wouldent ps3. they let them in on the gta franchise because they must of felt bad that saints row was a joke 360 needed something to boost sales cool.gif

did you go to school? Are you still in School or are you on Welfare?!? Juding bye that statment that you "Called" Sony I have to belive my Theory.

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Where are the mods when you need them? Seriously guys, grow up. The xbox360 will get it's DLC, the PS3 won't. Go enjoy your zombie characters and stop trying to make 360 fankids put up a fight.

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