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For those having trouble going out with Dwayne...


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I myself, like many of you, have been having trouble getting in contact with dwayne at all. If you maybe accidentally hung up on him in the past, or he just doesn't pick up his phone here are two things that i guarantee will help you.


1. Reply to his email: search your inbox for an email from him and give hima reply. go have a sleep and 6 hours later he should ring you.


2. If you're still having trouble, find the random character Cherise (if you didn't kill her in the mission "Ruff Rider")


Afterwards Dwayne will ring in a jealous state asking if you are going out. soon after he will ring and ask you if you want to go

to a strip club or somewhere.


Cherise is located at the Cluckin' Bell in Northwood, Algonquin.


Let me know how it goes : )

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I accidently sent him a negative email.

I think he should call me now that I've "helped" out Cherise, though.

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