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Can u save the cars?


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Once you have a car can u keep it,like put in a garage or somewhere to save it once u save the game.

Also can u put explosives in cars like previous games without being in a mission?

To get 100% i take it you have to do all the cop missions?

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There garage system for saving your own vehicles has been scraped for this GTA. Instead you must now make do with the yellow marked boxed parking area outside each save/safe house.


You can get explosives however it’s not as simple as going into a bomb shop this time. Instead you meet a character called Packie who you can become friends with and organise social activities. When you get his “like” factor high enough he will make a bomb which you can collect, put on a car of your choice and then detonate it using your mobile phone.


There are 2 types of cop missions, regular vigilante and most wanted list. You need only complete 20 vigilante missions for it to count towards 100%, with the most wanted list you must kill all 30 criminals (and their associates). There are 10 on each major island.

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