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story stops after "master and the molotov" mission


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Ok, so i just finished the "master and the molotov" mission. But now the only icon's on my map are darts, bar, etc. I can call michelle and roman to go out, but everyone else is on voicemail

i read a walkthrough and it says dimitri is ment to call you, but he hasnt.

There are no story markers on my map, i cant call dimitri all i can do is drive around

I've tried saving, restarting.... everything, dimitri just never calls

Does anyone know if there is anyway to get around this bug? or do i have to start from the beginning

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Harwood Butch3r

That's strange. He should call you about a minute or 2 after.


I'm sorry mate, but it sounds like a glitch. You probably have to start over.


This is why you should always keep 2 saves.

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this seems to be happening to alot of people just at different stages in the game. I already had to start from a previous save twice.

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