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Adding Weapons mods


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I have been adding vehicles to my game and now I'm on to weapons. I have just been finding various ones I like off of gta garage and adding them to my game since I'm not good at modding anything myself... sad.gif My question is with weapons: Every modded/reskin/retextured vehicle/person/weapon has a cutscene version and a regular version. Can the regular version (placed in the gta3 file) just have it's name changed and then placed into the cutscene file? Or is there more to it than that?


Example. I found a very nice looking skin for the Pistol and i added it's skins to the gta3 file which were colt45.dff and colt45.txd


Would they work, and would I see them properly in the cutscene if i changed the name to cscolt45.dff and cscolt45.txd and placed them in the cutscene file? Or am i just a newbie and it's actually a whole different mod?

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