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Hard missions?

Guru Josh

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Guru Josh

I am only 20% through the game at the moment and whilst I am absoloutely loving it I have to say that at this point the missions are really very easy. I am wondering if any of you guys who have completed the story missions struggled with any mission in particular? Obviously I am not looking for spoilers but is there an "Air Raid" type mission in this game? I know that that mission caused many people probs in San Andreas (including me!) and I hope there are a couple like that in this game.


I really am not knocking this game at all. I bought my PS3 just for GTAIV and am not regretting it at all nut I want to be tested at some point.

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The Snowstorm

Undress to Kill

Three Lead Clover


All ones which I think almost everyone has got stuck on.

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