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Ramdom Crime


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I was woundering has any one seen randon crimes in gta 4 lately.

You know like cops chaseing some one other than Niko,

people geting mugged in back allies'

or what about stores getting rob?


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I haven't seen mugging, but I've seen plenty of other people getting in trouble.


Also, if you hit someone in an alleyway and lure them in front of a cop and let them hit you, the cop goes after them. It's great.


I haven't been able to rob stores, so I'm guessing peds don't, either?



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Yes, look for my Cops n Crooks thread, I mentioned actually taping those events as proof. soon as Rockstar quits pulling YouTube footage I'll go to the trouble of uploading it but don't want my new account suspended just yet!


It does happen, but not really muggings. I noted a shootout in particular.

I saw a gang of peds hit by a well to do motorist and he was yanked from his car and pounded. Of course he ran away limping, but the gangster ped walked back to the car but left it abandoned. I also started a fight while drunk with Roman... Not easy to get away with!

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I jacked a car, the ped jacked it back, and the cops chased him and destroyed his vehicle while he was inside tounge2.gif

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