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Multiplayer Rank Problems, Idea.....


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Hey all, have been reading these forums for the past couple months but only bothered registering today....




I have been reading the generic rank resetting threads and after painfully crawling my way through all the lol, omg, wtf, PS3 v 360 and other "little kid" jargon have an idea on what might be the problem here.


When I first started playing my rank would not go up at all, i was stuck on rank 0 - I was playing during the day.


Now it has gone up to 1 and seems to have stayed there (have been playing in the evenings). Im thinking it maybe depends on WHEN in the day you play and when the servers update. Maybe if you happen to be playing at the time the R* servers update (say 8pm GMT or whatever) then your cash/stats/rank will save, if you play any other time of the day it wont.


Not sure how this will help but maybe watch out for anytime your rank/cash etc does update and remember roughly what time you were playing, might work until R* fix the problem.


Love the game, it has its flaws but then what doesnt? Overall think its quality.


Oh and one more thing: (commence rant) WHY, WHY are people on multiplayer incapable of organising teams? I had a game today where there was one team of 5 and another team of 2, logic would state that the next 3 people to join would join the team of 2 therefore making 2 teams of 5 but what did they do? One guy joined the team of 5 and the other 2 guys decided to go in two seperate teams of 1 therby making one team of 6, one team of 2 and two teams of 1 player = retarted!!!


(end rant)



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