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Anyone got list of all the songs?


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I am searching for all the songs from The Beat 102.7 in GTA4 hiphop station.


I know you can call in and get the song but it takes forever... cryani.gif


Anyone has some kind of list for me?



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They're in the back of the manual. Page 20.


EDIT: Just quickly, here's the list anyway.


Styles P - Whats The Problem

Uncle Murda - Anybody Can Get It

Qadir - Nickname

Busta Rhymes - Where's My Money

Maino - Getaway Driver

Red Cafe - Stick'm

Tru Life - Wet 'Em Up

Johnny Polygon - Price On Your Head

Swizz Beatz - Top Down

Nas - Was Is Necessary

Kanye West feat Dwele - Flashing Lights

Joell Ortiz feat Jadakiss & Saigon - Hip Hop (Remix)

Fat Joe feat Lil Wayne - Crackhouse

Mobb Depp feat .. - Dirty New Yorker

Ghostface Killah feat Kid Capri - We Celebrate

Styles P feat Sheek Lough & Jadakiss - Blow Your Mind (Remix)

Papoose - Stylin'.


There you go. smile.gif

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i dont have a list, but i DO have the soundtrack, havent opened it yet, however i might see what is on it, i doubt it contains ALL the tracks, prolly just the best ones.

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thanks budgieishere


Did not even look in the manual lol

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