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I want Seattle in the next game


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Naw man, not another US city.

Unless it's half US and half somewhere else IE Tokyo/Europe.

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europe! moscow...amsterdam..paris? meh...rome? shang hai! just throwing em out there...

St. John's, NFL! lol

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The Kirbster

LOL, GTA in China. *Imagines how Rockstar will program the game in a Beijing remake city* suicidal.gif

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I'm ready for out of the country. They've done what they can in the US, anything else would be unfamiliar or repetitve. I would like for London, Paris, and Barcelona if they could do those 3 and keep the huge cultural differences and make it clear that they are different countries.


Tokyo, Hong Kong thing would be cool down the line

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Who cares

Not me. It will be fun no matter where it's located. I don't think R* sits around deciding on the next location, because it would end up in long discussions like these, that don't go anywhere. I think the character comes first, then the setting where he would fit best comes next, and much easier. They had already came up with Niko Bellic before deciding on Liberty City. But I don't see many discussions here about what people want in the next GTA character. I think that's far more important.

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have you been there? amirite amirite?

san andreas and vice city will be of the next.


no other cities and or states.

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