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I ran into some trouble with my laptop. Windows wouldn't work properly plus I couldn't find the drivers I needed. (Laptops old and any numbers or codes have been worn off) I needed a good OS ASAP, so I was searching for an OS that could run exe files, but was also kinda hassle free. I found Xandros. Ordered it for $30 off newegg. I've been using for only a few days now, but it's pretty okay. I've read about some problems with specific Microsoft programs, but other then that nothing. I just want to know if anyone has ever encountered any serous flaws or problems with this OS?







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I've only used Xandros a little bit as part of a guide to run GTA:SA on Linux.


It uses a 30 day trial of CrossOver Office, which is basically a tweaked front-end for WINE. WINE ( stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator ) is used to run Windows applications inside of Linux.


Now, you haven't necessarily made a bad choice or anything, but two things stand out to me here...


1. You purchased a free operating system. In the future, you should be aware that you can download these off of the internet for free or purchase $5 CDs, instead of paying such a premium to Newegg. Yes it is legal, it is part of the GNU Public Licenses (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html), which distributions like Debian ( which Xandros is based off of ) typically fully adhere to. It is technically legal for some distributions to charge a premium for this (like Linspire, once Lindows ), but I recall Xandros Home Edition being free, while Xandros Professional and Xandros Home Edition Premium are the non-free distributions. This is something you should pay attention to, especially if you don't like spending money. Check out http://www.distrowatch.com/ for more info


2. CrossOver Office is a non-free front-end, for a free program (WINE). WINE is typically available on every major Linux distribution, not just Xandros. The good news is that WINE 1.0 is on its way, which apparently is going to have several programs with promised 100% compatibility. They even have Adobe helping them out on the project. CrossOver's trial period will end, but you will still be able to use WINE, and later when WINE 1.0 is released you'll be able to update to it.



Whatever limitations in running Windows programs you may have will come from WINE, not Xandros. I've never used Xandros that much so I can't speak for its functionality, but I would certainly go for a completely free distribution like Debian or a flavor of Ubuntu. The great thing about the Ubuntu distributions is they're very well documented, updated frequently, and do a lot to offer simple ways to do things that are typically complicated on a Linux machine as compared to a Windows environment. I would go for Kubuntu, the GUI itself is more intuitive if switching from Windows, while the other major contender Ubuntu resembles a Mac.

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The reason I bought it for $30 was because I'm selling this laptop of mine. (Didn't want to download it for 'free') Should have done a bit more research, but whatever the cost is half of whatever the price. tounge.gif


I'll be sure to check up on the stuff before I put the item up for sale. Thanks a lot. cookie.gif

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If you're selling it, I would definitely put Ubuntu on it. There's a bit of a hype surrounding Ubuntu, and more specifically with Dell laptops shipping with Ubuntu. I'm sure that you would probably get more potential customers if you advertised it coming with Ubuntu installed than if you advertised with Xandros.

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Ubuntu always gave me trouble on that laptop. I tried two or three different Ubuntu installations before installing Windows and then installing Xandros. Ubuntu never got passed the loading screen. (Even in safe mode) I don't know what the problem was and I don't really care either. I just needed a working OS so I could get it off of my hands.


Don't take it that I hate Linux; I like Linux. I've used Ubuntu on my desktop before, but I'm simply more use Windows.

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