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Boating is amazing


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Rockstar got the water almost perfect. expecialy when your driving a boat makes liberty city soo real looking to bad it dosent snow in liberty city tho well i havent been threw 365 days in liberty city so they might have it.

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Humphrey Ridiculous

I totally agree. The water effects are amazing and driving a boat is really realistic.


Euphoria will be the reason this game is the best of all time. I bet we have yet to discover the best of it.

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I LOVE the ripple effect when you splash a car into the water!! The Water does look Amazing. I cant wait to see the Euphoria engine in Force Unleashed!!!!

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tarquin biscuitbarrel

the downside to boats is the monotone engine sound, but i've never been boating before so for all i know it could be just as annoying as in real life.

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