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polygons EVERYWHERE!


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Intel 4 Quad 2.4 GHZ

Nvidea Geforce 5200 FX 128 MB VC memory (plug and play monitor adapter)

256 MB RAM



So heres the thing, I start up my Vice city or San Andreas


I load my game


I play for 2 minutes


and then...everything goes crazy

after 2-3 minutes, polygons fly everywhere, image become distorted beyond recognition, people look like tiled floors, cars look like boats, there are things in the sky that I cant even begin to explain, landscape appears out of nowhere!


but keep, in mind


this is a GRAPHICAL problem, not a scripting one.


my question is whats going on, how can I fix it and why is it happening!?!

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Did you buy the game or did you download it?

I openly admit I got it from a torrent


but It was a 5 star torrent from ISOhunt one and NOBODY else said they had problems in the comments

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