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Hoping for a Glitch


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ARGGGGH! Normally i found several glitches in a GTA game like going below the surface of the game or sh*t like that. but this game is actually so good. everthing is solid, everything works like it should.


I really hope rockstar made a tiny almost unnoticable mistake which made us enlarge the possibilities of the game. Like in SA where you could get in this new kinda world by flying through the top of the gym in Los Santos. Finding all these things they decided not to put in.


Or in like GTA LCS for the psp, where edisoncarter found the way to track down anything. New kinds of weapons that rockstar made but never put in the actual game.



Anyone else sharing that feeling? that would be amazing.

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i see wt u mean but sorry but its good not to have glitchs beacuse most of the time they suck! R* did a brilliant job and they don't want to be critised for one little glitch they didn't realise and then they don't feel to good about there achievement... R* deserve all the congrats they can get!

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