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I was in southwest Bohan and ran my car into a light pole which fell and became lodged in a forklift. I then tried to drive the forklift which would only drive around in circles as one would expect of a low-powered vehicle with a 20' metal pole lodged through it. I may be easily impressed, but I absolutely love the realism!


Anyone else have any crazy physics related incidents to share?


One gripe though, I was thinking about it as I drove to work today...light/utility poles go down way too easy. I understand if you're in a garbage truck doing 60 a pole would offer little resistance, but your average sedan isn't going to be able to drive through one with ease. Aside from that, most objects that you run in to seem pretty realistic.

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the lampposts have always been like that, otherwise they would be gameplay killers


i only find it weird that the wooden power line poles still cant be knocked over, like in vc

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