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shooting under cars when in cover-mode?


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i've read that when you take cover on a car, you can aim under it and shoot your enemys in the leg. did rockstar cut this from the game too?

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No, it's impossible, you have to shoot through corners of cars or windows.

But i didn't tested it on High Chassis car. may you can do it with them.


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Cracked Neon

Is it really necessary? Shooting some one in the foot would be pointless when you could just shoot them in the head, even if you did just want to disarm your enemy (either that or you're a sadistic man who likes to torture people by shooting their kneecaps before you finish them).





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Well you can't aim underneath the car you're taking cover, but you can shoot feet underneath the car you're shooting at. It works for me (not real sure thought), and it should since IV as a decent physic engine.


If nothing is in the way of the bullet it will go to where you shot it. If you shot some piggy's foot underneath his car you will make him fall down and you won't have to bother about him for a few seconds, just enough time to let you kill two or three cops until you get back to him and shoot his head.


Have fun



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