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HowTo: Convert Cars from Vice City to San Andreas


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Hey..I have created a Video that shows you how to convert a car from Vice City to San Andreas


The Video Can be viewed with the link below...


Click me to view the Video


It's the way i use to convert cars for GTA LVC. Hope it comes in helpful colgate.gif


- L3mmy

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  • 1 month later...


is 17x shorter.


Anyway @_F_ press H and Link the object alone with a dummy using the square buttons at the top.

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yes doublepost...


but could you make a short vid or pic... i really wanna know how to do this...

Press H. Select the object not linked (is alone and usually the last of the list).

Click the buttons in that order:

user posted image

Now it should appear a window, here you have to select another object, try with the first or with the chassis dummy, then click link.

Now click again button 1. end.

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The Doc734i

Is the converting available on Gmax? I can't use 3d's trialmax anymore.


And it says unable to convert when i try to export.


EDIT: I did the tutorial and converted the car from GTA VC to GTA SA, but there is one more problem, the car does not spawn wheather I go to a spawn location or use a car spawn tool, it only says "Cheat Activated" and then nothing appears, what did I do wrong?


EDIT EDIT: I found out the texture was having a problem, I could use no texture and still get the car to drive and not crash, but how could I fix the texture? Is SA Textures 32 Bit textures or 8 bit?

Edited by The Doc734i
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  • 1 year later...
Hi guys!

where can i get the 3ds Max for free? colgate.gif

By downloading the 30 day trial from Autodesk. Other "methods" are illegal, and cannot be discussed on our forums.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice tut.


Anyways, I have problem at exporting .dff. I followed the tutorial and when export it as .dff file in one folder, the file simply doesn't appear. Like it wasn't made.


How to fix this? I'm using 3DS Max 9 trial.


Thanks in advance. smile.gif

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  • 1 month later...

Can I also ask about how to change all of SA's plates to "LC R29", regardless of city? I don't want the plate system in SA.

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  • 10 months later...

I convert BF-109 from VC

when I already done,the model is not a plane,but a wheel

help! panic.gif


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Arman Ossi Loko

More than 1 hierarchy links are selected. Only 1 is allowed in dff.

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