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Hi, I use comcast.net's FTP server to host my own pictures


When i log on at ftp://upload.comcast.net


I used to get like a regular windows window, where it had thumb nails of the files i had in it and... i could click and drag stuff into the FTP. I am no longer able to do this, it shows a FTP ROOT and what looks like a regular directory (the white page with the files are just listed and the blue links leading to the files)


Im not sure if comcast.net changed it or if its a setting on my computer that got changed, how can i get the old view back where i could click and drag and view thumbnails? Thanks

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Why not call Comcast and ask them? Ok so you'll be on hold for God knows how long and you'll first end up talking to a dumba** but sooner or later you'll get someone that knows their butt from a hole in the ground and can better help with your problem.

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