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stuck on bleed out


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Just got the game yesterday for my PS3 and am stuck on the bleed out mission. It wont advance past and i dont know why. The only thing i can do is keep dating michelle or taking roman out. Initially when i chased the dude up the stairs after the the ballcourt beating, i ended up shoving him out the window. Is this why the game wont advance? If not, why wont it advance? Do i have to reset the game and start from scratch? Is there a way to roll back to just a previous mission? The only thing saved is two different bleed out missions.


a confused otterbob


Also, when i start the game after the system has been off it wont load and freezes my system. I have to run another application before and end it and then go into gta for it to load my current mission. Whats up with that?

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I'm having the same problem. But I can't even get Roman or Michelle to answer the damn phone.

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If Roman's icon is on the map,just go there.If not, I am of no further assistance.

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What I would do:


Call everyone in phone book.

Check all text messages.

Look for any mission icons on the map.

Save the game again, advancing 6 hours.

Do side missions if unlocked.


And maybe in time something will come up, it did for me wink.gif

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I shoved his ass for more style and havent had any trouble with missions.

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I am stuck as well, I beat the hell out of yer man and I am going no-where!!!! Didnt throw him out the window though.


I didnt get the knife, I aslo went out on a date afterwoods but I tried it on.


Any ideas?


I have spent hours driving around and nothing!

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