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GTA 4 voice actors and credits


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Can someone who has got the game look in the manual tell me who the voice actors are in GTA 4 and the other credits if possible.


I want to see what it says from the game manual and no bullsh*t. Stuff on IMDB an other places seem to be fake/rumours and I want to know for sure. I don't know why there is such a lack of information about things like this since the game was released.


Even better would be if you could post scans of the credits in the manual. Pretty please smile.gifdontgetit.gif

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Grand Theft Auto Dude

Sure. *Gets copy of game*


Niko Bellic- Michael Hollick

Roman Bellic- Jason Zumwalt

Brucie Kibbutz- Timothy Adams

Dimitri Rascalov- Moti Margolin

Mrs. McReary- Doric Belack

Francis McReary- Thomas Lyons

Gerry McReary- PJ Sosko

Packie McReary- Ryan Johnson

Kate McReary- Mary Catherine Donnelly

Little Jacob- Coolie Ranx

Real Badman- Seeborn

Elizabeta Torres- Charlie Parker

Jimmy Pegorino- Tony Patellis


This is all I'll do for now. Maybe someone can scan?

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I don't know any of those people. I was expecting some big names like san andreas lol.


Nice sig btw biggrin.gif

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is the guy who done niko's voice european?

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Claude GTA3
is the guy who done niko's voice european?

No, American, same as Roman, and most of the "European characters" ingame.

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"Stealing, running, fighting, punching, kicking, screaming. This is the way I have chosen to live. I will accept the consequences"

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