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Banshee Spawn Point


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I have seen the Banshee around in various random spawn points, parked on the side of the street or driving around. (Have 2 in my parking spots)


Has anyone found a CONFIRMED spawn that it always shows up at?

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There is always a Banshee parked in Galveston Avenue near Middle Park.

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Interesting, I found one website that mentioned that. I trolled up and down galveston for days, even looking down side streets and couldn't find it sitting anywheres. Happen to know the cross streets it's between?


I have one stored at each parking spot, could this be why? Was just looking for an extra one to drive and save the other two for when needed.

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Well I got my 3rd Banshee. None were showing up then BOOM I see two in random spots... as soon as I get the 3rd apartment. So I'm kinda thinking maybe something was written in that you can only have one per apartment.

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