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funniest hangmans noose game


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i was playing hangmans noose and there was this kid who sounded about 12 talking about how much better than everyone he is...mind u on easy it took him 5 minutes to bring the chopper back in this time id gotten over 40 kills....eventually he got the chopper back still talking about how good he is and everyone else sucks..so ive gone dude shut the F*** up your not even old enough to play this game and u suck...so the whole chopper ride back he was talking about how people always insult him about his age but there jelous cause hes better than them...so we got to the landing site and he started flying back to pick up the last guy (who for some reason couldnt make his own way there) and i start unlading with my uzi at him and he starts going off at me and i keep shooting him and telling him that if hes so much better than me hed be able to dodge my bullets...eventually the chooper catches on fire at which point he realizes that hes ina chopper and can fly away and at that point i realized that petrovic was still in the chopper


so yeah the chopper exploded petrovic died and that little annoying prick was yelling at me while i laughed my arse off



its probably not as funny reading it but being there was hilarious



another funny one i did was i was flying in a choper behind the one with petrovic and the team in it and id had a few to many irish coffees and i came in and clipped my tail on the freeway and lost it then i flew into the middle of the park and my blades hit petrovic...killing him...it was classic



my gamertag is jaitee add me if your up for some hangmans noose



wat are your funniest hangmans noose moments





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Was in a game with some guy, he had Petrovic in a car and had lost the police, and refused to take him to the checkpoint.. He just drove around, ignoring everyone and saying how much this area of the city looked like New Jersey.. So yeah, I caught up to the guy and shot his tires out, waited for Petrovic to get out with him, because at this point, the guy was speeding around on rims and the car had started to smoke.. Killed Petrovic, and the guy called ME an asshole. sarcasm.gif

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its all fun and games until you hit one of them pricks on the way home from work(skippy) that is.

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