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Im in BIG Trouble


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After being completely hooked on C.O.D.4 online on the PS3, I truly thought that GTA4 would be the game to wean me gently off my all night (and half next day) sessions!, but I underestimated the potential of those Rockstar guys way too much!

This game is gonna rule me even more than the previous incarnation! Only been on it a night and already it has impressed me in 1001 ways.

The dialogue is exceptional, truly (from what Ive seen up to now) it could be a movie, and some of the exchanges between Nico & Roman are comic genius.

Ive seen criticism of the graphics on some forums, but I really cant find fault with them, considering the amount of detail going on in the world they are actually better than I would have expected.

The online modes Iv tried seem great, and definitely will give them game life after the story is finished and all the bonuses completed.

The scenery and scale of the city itself is fantastic, every now and again I get deja vu driving down a street, and realise its from the previous GTA games.

The driving is also really cool, a lot of the regular motors do seem to take an age to get going, but find yourself a sports or souped up motor and you feel the difference.

The characters in the city also add so much to the experience, hang around someone long enough and they'll notice you and either have a fresh wisecrack or threat for you.

I know Ive only scratched the surface as yet, but knowing Rockstar and their previous gaming record, I expect it to stay this addictive for months.


And for anyone wondering why Im writing this and not playing, well, Im on my official epilepsy avoiding break!



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yet another nerd-gasm post over gta4



its ok, even the games greatest critics felt what your feeling too. biggrin.gif


however, might i suggest going to work and/or school? playing and sleeping sounds fun surely, but one day mommy and daddy wont be around to wipe your ass any more.

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