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Is this the serial killer?


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I rememeber reading about a serial killer in IV and that he had a blog online in-game. I just picked up a stranger and was wondering if it was him, he was kinda weird. His name was Eddie something and I picked him up in Alderney (across from the autoerotica car place, I think Alderney is the name), he dumped a bag in the river and started saying how he liked boys and that he could hear people's accents when they screamed. Has anyone else encountered him and is it the serial killer?

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I've picked this guy up, his names is Eddie Low.

I dunno if it's the same serial killer as the one killing joggers. This guys seems to be into little boys more.

He's pretty f*ed up and scary. The first time I got him when he was talking about the little boys and girls. I just said f*ck this, got out of the car and shot him dead.


supposedly you can pick him up one more time


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Yes, Eddie Low is the serial killer. Or, that's the common belief, anyways.

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