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The little man and woman missions

Jonny Jonny

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Jonny Jonny

They will pop up once in a while I little blue man or woman, the kind you see on a toilet, lol


The first one I did, he just give me $100, so when i saw another one on the second island I thougth I will get more money handed to me, Nope, It was a mission, easy mission, I forget the guys name but I had to follow has wife to a cafe and take a picture for her with this guy, easy, Cant wait to find more.

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Random People.


It's an achievement to find them all and help them. The guy you mentioned starts a chain. He gives you $100, the next time you take him to get a crack rock the size of a melon then you take him to pay of his dealers now that he is clean.


Also got a mission from Badman.

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