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ive seen alot of posts and threads regarding the whole "gta SA vs gta iv"


to me honestly gta 4 is awesome and is prob one of the greatest games of all time, but as said before it dosnt live up to the 10/10 hype. For me gta 3 is actually better than iv i mean the qualties and downfalls for both games are as followed



GTA 3:


good points:


audio; the radio was incredible with catchy songs (some i listen to even today!) classic and hilarious stations e.g chatter box


story: to me the story is alot better just like the missions and they way the character progreses through the game (atleast the start, note: the start of gta 4 is sh*t and takes a long while to pick up intrest)


cheats: the cheats were crazy in this. e.g teh tank, weapons, flying car etc.


police: loved the police in gta 3, it was amazing


the city: both are based in liberty city, but 3 actualy seems more alive like the noises from the cars and the peds


teh side missions



many more.





ATM teh graphics are obviously sh*t






THE 3RD island lol






gta 4:


good points:


incredible graphics and visuals


very nice features e.g cabs, shops, buildings, teh small details in gun fights etc


long story mode tounge.gif








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I'll just talk about what you said were GTAIIIs advantages.


Story: GTA IV crushes GTAIII in this area, almost purely because the characters in GTA III with very few exceptions didn't evoke anything emotionally from the player. Hell, none of them did. I couldn't care less what happened to any of them. In GTAIV, the characters are far superior and the story is far more believable, which makes it superior in every sense.


Audio: Besides Chatterbox, the rest of the stations sucked. WKTT, LPR, and Integrity combined are able to equal Chatterbox. Beyond that, it is a slaughter. GTAIV>GTAIII in terms of ambient sound and voice acting, though GTAIII did have good voice acting.


Cheats: I don't consider these to be a part of the game when I compare, to be honest.


Police: Far better, tougher, and more realistic in GTAIV.


City: GTAIV Liberty City crushes GTAIII Liberty City. There are far mor epeople, far more traffic, more lively and active peds, and the city is big enough for me to finally say that a GTA game seems to actually take place in a big city instead of a big town.


Side Missions: GTAIII may have more but the quality of GTAIV side missions more than makes up for it.

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You've made good points. GTAIII will always be classic. But GTAIV is my favorite so far. The physics, graphics, missions, city layout, etc. All incredible.

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however, i have fully experienced gta 3 to teh 100% point

and im only 22% through gta 4 so who no's i might find a different view on both games once ive completed IV :S

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