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Provoke Intense Rage


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sometimes I think rockstar


are deliberately provoking rage in gta4 users

to increase emotions during gameplay


in gta sa being forced to drive long distances

would send me into such a murderous rage


that I would take it out on people in the missions

with my adrenalin pumping


in fact I would go as far as saying that the most

sensible reason for banning GTA games

is *not* the depiction of violence in the game


but the fact that frustration levels caused by being

forced to travel to missions has to be vented somewhere


in general i think playing gta lets people vent their

frustrations safely in the virtual world so they do not

need to go out and start fights and drive too fast IRL


(besides the annoying mission retry thing that is)

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Nice poem

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mercie_blink.gif I punched my girlfriend in the face an sh*t on her chest when she fell on the floor, kicked her out of my house as I picked up a brick an proceeded to hurl it at her face, she ducked an I upper cutted her an knocked 3 of her front teeth out... I kicked her a few times... an told that bitch im from grove street hoe, the f*ck wrong with you bitch?! never interrupt me playing SA again.




wink.gif just kidding... GTA is great... you're right about venting, cause if we could do it in real life, it'd kill the whole point of the game itself.



I dont tend to get on GTA an vent though.

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Learn to whislte, then learn to open the back door of a cab, then learn to speak to the driver, then learn to skip the travel and instantly appear on the other side of the city.

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