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Can you customize cars?


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Sorry if a repost. Was having trouble with the search. Still not that far into the game. I work all day and when i get home its like everything has been stopping me from playing. Soo.. please answer the one and only thing i want to know about gta iv. Can I fix up my vette?

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wtf really? man what the heck? so now all the f'in around is taken out and all that is left over is just the standard missions and running over people and car jacking.


i couldnt even use the forklift to stack cars.


there's no towing either...


practically all the time spent for screwing around has been reduced - which was most of the alure in the other gta's

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yeah im pretty upset. I i loved the fact that you can customize your own car in GTA SA. Was one of the coolest things.. And no tow trucks? towing was a pretty fun part of SA also. Wish GTA woulda made car modding possible.....Did i hear saints row?? lol tounge.gif jk true gta fan for life...

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