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Rank resets?


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Does your MP rank reset if you start the game again on same save slot?


I'm asking because i've completed the game, now i wanna MP alot, I havn't a big rank but i want to reset SP some time to get the under 30 hours achievement for xbox. You may say if rank not so big why don't you reset now... because i plan on alot of MP for now and i dont want to clock up time wandering out and in of MP in SP... as in, would hinder ability to get achievement. Also I wish to only have one character so as to not have to keep logging different saves / stats.


So i ask, can i reset the SP in the future without fearing my future high MP rank being reset???

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Ryder 556

Online and single player are completely different, the game is saved to the consle and the online data is logged to your psn or xbox live account, also there are 12 different save files. And why reset? Just start a new file.

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