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Rising 360 Problem!


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Here's the story,


I bought my original XBOX 360 January of 07... Worked great until November of 07, when I got 3 RROD... So i sent it off, the sent me a refurbed 360, and have been happy ever since.... Until...


I got GTA on the 29th at midnight, played it about 4 hours straight.. No hiccups, no freezing, etc.


On the 30th I played for about 6 hours straight as my wife was out of town, no problems.


Today I hadn't played at all, so I started my xbox up at about 7pm, and noticed that the colors were all screwed up. It looked like no red color was getting to the xbox, it was mostly green. So I turned it off and turned it back on, and I heard the sound when the XBOX logo comes up, but saw no video.


And thats where i sit now... I've tried everything, different cables, different TV's etc etc... No avail...


So I look it up on the internet and notice that this is a growing problem...


Microsoft wanted to charge me $110 to repair it, but i talked them down to $50, which will fix it + extend the warranty another year...


Anyone experience this??

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that's never happened to me, but i have had a couple strange video problems that i fixed pretty quickly by making sure the AV cable was plugged all the way in tounge.gif (I take my 360 to friends' houses every once in a while, so it doesnt just sit there plugged in for months at a time).. but if this is a 'rising problem', that most likely wont help..... I guess $50 wouldnt be so bad, but really that sucks...

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This same exact thing happened to me while Playing COD4 about 2 months Ago, Thought it was a loose Component Cable or something, checked em they were fine, then i Powercycled my xbox and BAM RROD. No to Frighten you but i think your xbox may be headed for the $h1tt#r. I bought an Eliet now so its all good.

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Heck, It's already hit the $hi1tter! I can't play any games with no video... They are sending me another xbox for $50 though, which extends my warranty another year... I just don't understand how Microsoft can get away with all of these failures.... I love the 360 though, and will keep sending them in, as long as I can get them fixed....

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