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Holding onto Cars and Helicopters?


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I saw a cop holding onto my car as I tried to drive away, and I saw the trailer that Niko was holding into a chopper as it was flying around.


IS that only part of scripted events, or can you grab a hold of any car or chopper? If so, how is it done?

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Peds & stuff will do it automatically, there is no actually way you can make yourself do it.


About the Helicopters, I can't answer this one.. you maybe able to jump onto one Im not sure. confused.gif

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I've only done it once for like 2 seconds. I think it only happens when you go to jack a car and the driver drives off when you are opening the door. It' s pretty rare I think for you to do it.

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ive only held on for about 3 seconds and after that he turned a corner and i swang off mad.gif

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