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now all ps3 owners are hoping for DLC ive read in a few magazines that the ps3 wil get dlc aswell, but im not sure its confirmed, i think that you cant have a game that is different depending on which system you buy, i think the ps3 might recieve the dlc later or if not it will recieve alarmingly similar dlc, like xbox gets red car ps3 get blue car ... to put it simply. i believe the best dlc will be the addition of islands, cars and missions... now not just a few.


here me out, they say it takes 40 hours to complete gta4, and that each dlc will take 10 , so that means if you have both dlc's then it is essentially half of grand theft auto do you think maybe they would increase everything by 50%,so if their is 200 cars you will get 100 more, if the land mass is 1000 km squared the new island(s) would be 500 km squared, what do you think


if its just like 3 cars and 10 missions is it really that worth it.

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I think its just going to be a couple of new missions, characters and radio stations.

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I think you will have small DLCs(Single new cars, etc.) and then you'll have larger ones lie missions and new songs for the radio. What I don't think you'll see is new islands, radio stations, and a hundred new cars. Fifty sounds about right.

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Jet packs and Parachutes would be good enough for me. tounge.gif

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