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Punk Noodles


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So how can I do this side-mission? I get on a bike, drive to the customer but he does nothing, he only stands and watches...

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When you get near a customer, use the look left/right button (I think it's L1 & L2 Respectively). Then do a "drive-by" to throw the noodles to the customers and it'll say something like"nooodles delivered" rinse and repeat for all customers to level 10 or 12, not sure which as I haven't played it in a while, and mission passed.


Also, after level 6, you have to make multiple trips back the the noodle stand to get a fresh batch for customers, as you can only hold 6 at a time and there are 7, 8,9 or more on the later levels. Don't worry, if you have a sub-machine gun when starting mission, it is disabled so you can't accidently shoot a customer. Hope this helps.


This mission is exactly like the Pizza Boy side mission in VC, and the courier missions (Robei's food mart, Hippy Shopper, and Burger shot) in SA. So it should be easy if you know the map of Portland. Do it the same way you did the SA Courier missions and VC's Pizza Boy side mission.

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