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As we all know Grand Theft Auto IV kicks ass, both online and off.


But I haven't been to pleased with the multiplayer for one reason:


I am never able to connect.



Whenever I try to join a new match it always says: "Disconnected from current session. Now returning to Single Player"


I have only succesfully joined a match 3 times, and that was the first day of release.


The few times I have been able to get into a match I have absolutely loved it.


Why is this happening? Is it a personal connection problem? Have you had the same?


Please let me know. icon14.gif

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I just played a player match and 2 ranked matches an hour ago, had a blast, no connection problems or lag


PS anyone playing online without having beaten single player first - plug in a mic then mute it. Jackasses out there will spoil the ending for you

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ive only been able to really play 1 game, so far live sucks ass with all the disconnect errors, rockstar better fix that sh*t

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