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High res GTA4 artwork?


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I'm looking for fairly high-res version of some of the GTA4 artwork...


I found this poster on ebay:




And anyway I noticed it's 100% gotta be made by someone independently, it's not made by Rockstar. Like, pretty much guaranteed that someone just printed it off themselves from an image they found on the net. But it's a pretty high res printout. But I'm not going to buy some ghetto printout some guy made himself at home, or whatever.



Does anyone know where I could get some of the high res versions? I Know there's one on gta4.net but it's not very high res and it's cropped very small: http://media.gtanet.com/images/3503_gta_iv_art.jpg


I'd just buy a poster from Rockstar but they don't seem to have any. What the heck sad.gif I also got screwed out of a free poster from my local EB Games because they gave away all of the posters at a midnight launch party that they didn't even tell me they were having, when I preodered. sad.gif

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