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This Forum is R* Tech Official?


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I wish to know if this forum is R* official, because seems that we all are getting ignored...just wondering blush.gif


EDIT: i see this is not an official forum, thx and sorry to bother suicidal.gif

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Of course this forum isn't Officially linked with Rockstar. This is just a place where fans can share their problems and hopefully find and share solutions. I get the impression Rockstar isn't so much "ignoring" the problems as more "panicking" about how to actually fix them. It has only been 2 days, whilst it is annoying you do have to allow time for them to rectify things. If there are problems this time next week that is the time to go after them with burning torches. This is coming from a guy that usually cannot find a good thing to say about Rockstar (ie a PC user biggrin.gif )

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