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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mission Guide


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Welcome to flicko's ultimate Vice city guide! This is the way I would complete all the Vice city storyline missions, in a quick, easy and reliable way. Complete with tips and hints to make it that extra bit easier, this is the guide for beginners of the game. If people do not complete the missions in the same order or the same way as me, then that is perfectly fine. This is basically a help guide full of tips to make more difficult levels that bit easier to complete. If anybody would like to post even more contributions, go ahead, you're more than welcome. So, without further ado, here it is. Enjoy!


Note: The methods I describe have all been completed on the ps2, so I'm unaware of what the outcomes would be like on the PC or XBOX.


Note: I haven't played Vice city for ages, this guide is purely from memory, so excuse me if I miss things out.


Note: To save time, always skip cut scenes before completing a mission.


Note: Before every mission, I'd make sure to get full health and Armour.


Note: To make Tommy never get out of breath, instead of keeping your finger on the sprint button, repeatedly tap it. This will save a lot of time, make things easier and cause less stress towards you.


Note: When picking up a passenger, as soon as they open the door to get into a vehicle, start to drive away, as it will save time.


Note: Every time your phone rings, answer it and get it out of the way.


Note: If you leave a car unattended for any given reason, to make sure it is there when you get back to the place you left it, make sure you keep the driver side of the car door open. To do this, as soon as you exit your vehicle, make a run for it, and the door will stay open. This is very efficient.


WARNING: Unless you are seriously deranged, don't ever play Espantoso, it may deprive your brains and force you to unwittingly commit suicide. suicidal.gif


The quickest way to complete the story missions is to complete the following missions-



Ken Rosenberg
  • "An Old Friend"
  • "The Party"
  • "Back Alley Brawl"
  • "Jury Fury"
  • "Riot"
Colonel Juan Cortez
  • "Treacherous Swine"
  • "Mall Shootout"
  • "Guardian Angels"
  • "Sir, Yes Sir!"
Ricardo Diaz
  • "The Chase"
  • "Phnom Penh '86"
  • "The Fastest Boat"
  • "Supply and Demand"
Tommy Vercetti
  • "Death Row"
  • "Rub Out"
  • "Shakedown"
  • "Bar Brawl"
  • "Copland"
Asset Missions Completed:

Cherry Popper Ice Cream Company

  • "Distribution"
Kaufman Cabs
  • "V.I.P."
  • "Friendly Rivalry"
  • "Cabmageddon"
Pole Position Club
  • Spend $300 on Stripper
The Printworks
  • "Spilling the Beans"
  • "Hit the Courier"
The Boatyard
  • "Checkpoint Charlie"
Sunshine Autos
  • 1st car list
Game Ending Missions
  • "Cap the Collector"
  • "Keep Your Friends Close..."


A total of 35 missions out of the overall total of 154 will enable you to complete all of the storyline missions in Vice city. Providing you do nothing else beside this (collecting hidden packages etc), this will surpass to 22.78% game completion. However the statistics in game will round it down to 22%.


Alright lets get started-



Story missions completed-



Mission #1- The Party (Ken Rosenberg)
You'll start outside Ken Rosenberg's house. As soon as you can move, get into the Admiral beside the building, and head to the designated area, which is traceable by a pink blip in the bottom radar of your screen. Don't drive into the blip, exit your car just before you get to it, exit your car (make sure you leave the door open so that it will b there when you re-appear), and walk into the pink blip. When the next cut scene shows up, if you aren't very able with a two wheeled vehicle, then ignore it, and get back in your admiral. Now drive to the point located by the pink blip. The rest is pretty much self explanatory and extremely simple. Let's see you do it solo.



*mission passed*
Mission #2- Back Alley brawl (Ken Rosenberg)
Hopefully you'll still have the admiral after the first mission. So, once the mission starts, drive to the Malibu club, then drive to the required destination. Now, before you actually drive into the alley, make sure you stay in your vehicle. This WILL save a lot of time. Instead of getting out of your vehicle, drive at full speed down the alley, and don't take your hand off the accelerate button. A cut scene will appear, but if you timed this right then you will ram straight into the chef with your car, killing him instantly. This isn't in the script, you're meant to fight him with your fists. But as you can guess, this saves a hell of a lot more time. The chef will drop a cell phone, which you should pick up. Three more chefs will appear, and instead of fighting them, ignore them, turn around and head for the pink marker. To make Tommy go faster, repeatedly tap the sprint button. A reminder will let you know that you have left Lance behind, but this is nothing to worry about, as he will catch you up. Now get into his Infernus and wait for him to arrive. The rest is pretty much self explanatory from then on.



*mission passed*
Mission #3- Jury Fury (Ken Rosenberg)
Another fairly simple mission. But here are a few tips to help you out. Once the mission starts, you'll see a pedestrian get run over by an out of control Glendale, leaving a hammer with him. Once you can move, get into the car, but don't pick up the hammer, as this method will make it unnecessary. Then drive to the designated area. There are two areas, and I always go to the nearest one, towards the Pole position club, so I suggest to do that. Once you get to the juror you will see that he is congregating with a female pedestrian. To attract his attention, run over the girl. But be careful, you may hit the juror if not done right. This will worry him and force him to go into his vehicle. He will then crash into a Spand express lorry*, which will drop a couple of hammers from the back. Just like before, ignore the hammers, stay in your vehicle and constantly ram the vehicle. This is a quicker method, as it f*cks his car up more effectively. Eventually he will bail, and make a run for it.


If you remained in your car (which should still be the Admiral), then once you re-appear back in play, the car will be facing the opposite way, ready to go to the other juror. This is a nifty little glitch, as it saves a heap of time. Now head for the other juror. When you get there, still remain in your vehicle, and constantly ram the bastard until he appears. If you didn't crash on the way to either juror, the car will not set fire, so make sure you be extra careful. Once he appears and then runs away, you have completed the mission.



*mission passed*


* The Spand express vehicle is the only one of it's type in the game.

Mission #4- Riot (Ken Rosenberg)
Get in your vehicle, which should still be the Admiral if you have taken it for a re-spray. And drive to the clothes icon. As always when you exit the vehicle leave the door open, get a clothes change and enter your car again. Now drive to the pink icon. When you get there, remain in your vehicle, as more time will be saved if you do the following; Now drive into the area where the workers are, and go crazy. Run as many over as possible, until the black gates open up. Keep your foot on the gas and drive through the gate. There are now two security men out to get you, but you have a car, so run them over as quickly as possible. This may be awkward as you haven't got much space. However, once you kill the men, bearing in mind you're still being chased by the workers, so keep your foot on the gas, and try to veer your vehicle over to where there is one lorry parked up.


Try your best to keep ramming your vehicle into the fence beside the car until it sets on fire. Once it sets on fire, bail, and make a run for it until it blows up. The force of the explosion should also set the sole lorry on fire, inevitably blowing that up. You will now have two wanted stars. None the less, One down, two to go. To destroy the remaining vehicles pick up the gun the deceased security guards will leave. And aim at the lorries. There will be a red barrel beside them both, which is explosive. If you aim in that direction you will auto-aim at the red barrel. Now fire. The barrel will blow up, causing the two remaining vehicles to blow up in the process. Now leave the area.



*mission passed*


You will also notice that you can now access Avery Carrington's mission, located as an "A" on the map. Don't do this mission, as it's not part of the story. Instead, follow the "C" icon on the map, which is for Cortez.

Mission #5- Treacherous Swine (Colonel Cortez)
Note: You should still have a gun, if not, make sure you acquire one. The closest one is located in the bushes in the Docks.


Get into your vehicle, and drive to the designated area. Once there, park your car just outside the building, and exit the vehicle, remembering to leave the door open in the process. Now walk into the pink blob, and wait for the cut scene to end. Immediately after the cut scene, change your weapons from the provided chainsaw to your handgun. And instead of running around the railings, jump over them, which will make you appear in front of the man you have to kill, Gonzales. To save a sh*tload of time just shoot Gonzales repeatedly, until he dies. Once dead. Run over to where you can jump off the building, and where you parked car is located. Bear in mind you now have two wanted stars, and jump over the wall and onto the ground. Then immediately enter your vehicle, turn to the right, heading towards the Pizza place and drive through the bushes, where there is a police bribe located. You will now have one star. Now head to Pay 'N' Spray, and drive into the garage. The re-spray will be free of charge.



*mission passed*
Mission #6- Mall shootout (Colonel Cortez)
Note: If you don't have any guns left, make sure you get some ammunition.


Once you begin the mission, head over to the destination (Mall). Providing you came from the docks, you should head over to the mall on the car park side of it. However, to make this mission that bit easier, instead of parking your car in the car park and getting out, drive through the gap in the mall over to the other side. Then get out, leaving the door open in the process. Now head back into the mall to where the courier is, and wait until the cut scene has finished. You'll now notice that you're being shot at by the security, and you have to chase the courier on foot, to retrieve a briefcase. The courier has ran down the escalators, which is what you should do. But again to save time, just jump over the escalators in the direction the courier is running.


He will head towards where you car is parked, in an attempt to get on his PCJ600, an make a run for it. If you're quick, you can get to him before he reaches the motorbike, by repeatedly tapping the sprint button to never stop running. As soon as you get close enough to him, press the aim button and shoot him repetitively until he dies. Once dead, retrieve the briefcase he drops and head back to the colonel. Make sure you get into your car, not the bike as the police are after you and running away from the law on a motorbike isn't the cleverest thing to do. So instead, head back to your parked car and quickly head back to where the colonel's boat is. If you're struggling to cope with the police, just near the colonel's yacht is a Pay 'N' Spray. Go in that if you need to, at a cost of $100.



*mission passed*
Mission #7- Guardian angels (Colonel Cortez)
For a beginner this mission can be extremely difficult. Once you begin the mission, head over to the multi-story car park where you'll find an AK-47 and Lance. Once with Lance, head over to the designated area. Once there, there will be a cut scene when you speak to Diaz. Then Lance will tell you to "Go to the roof across the yard", which I what you will do.


Once there, to give yourself a better chance of shooting more accurately, instead of waiting at the tops of the steps, I'd edge down a couple of steps, as well as slowly treading over to the edge of the stairs, as far as you feel Tommy will go, to give you more space to shoot down below. Another efficient tip to improve your aim would be to crouch down once at the edge. Not only does this increase our accuracy, but it means that Tommy cannot move, and consequently fall from the stairs, which there will be a high chance of if you remain stood up. Now you're in position, wait.


A few seconds later some Cubans will arrive, from the side where Lance is stood, on the staircase adjacent to you. Don't shoot them, just watch the deal which is going on beneath you with your gun at the ready. Now turn your gun around, and wait. In a few seconds a Voodoo car will arrive, with some pretty f*cked Haitians on board. And that's when you start shooting. After you kill the two Haitians more will arrive in a Burrito just behind them. As soon as you see the Burrito, try your hardest to repetitively shoot it so it sets fire. But don't stop shooting once it's on fire, keep your hand on the trigger until it blows up. If you don't do it quick enough, Haitian will get out, now kill them. One Haitian will go up Lance’s stairs and try to ambush him, so make sure you keep an eye out to make sure he's ok. He'll shout for your help if he needs it.


After those Haitians are killed turn your aim around so that it is facing the opposite way, behind Diaz' car, as another Burrito full of Haitians will arrive. Again try as best a you can to destroy the van, and if you fail in that attempt then you'll have to kill the Haitians one by one. One of them goes for you so be careful you kill him instantly. After that is done more Haitians will arrive, this time in the opposite direction to where you're aiming now. There are only two, one will go for Diaz, whom you kill immediately. And the second one will go up Lance's stairs in an attempt to kill him. So once you kill the first one, turn your aim so it is facing Lance, wait for the second one to get up the stairs, and kill him.


After that is done two more Haitians will arrive, however without the intent on killing Diaz. One of them steals Diaz money and they make a run for it. Lance manages to snipe one of them (with his out of nowhere sniper) but the other one continues down the alley. Now it's up to you to stop the remaining Haitians and retrieve Diaz' money.


What you do is immediately jump off the stairs onto the ground, get the Uzi the sniped Haitian ha left, as well as his Sanchez, and head down the alley. It won't take you long to catch him up as he isn't going very fast. But when you do, you'll have to be careful. Try and maneuver yourself so that your directly streamlined behind him, and constantly press the fire button. If you are positioned correctly it won't take long until you kill him. And when you do, et off your Sanchez, retrieve the stolen money the now dead Haitian has dropped, and head back to where Diaz is.



*mission passed*


Here's a little tip to save a bit of time; Once you have completed the mission, get in the Voodoo left at where you completed the mission, then head over to Starfish island. There you will notice the gates are locked. Until however, you exit your vehicle and receive a phone call from Diaz, who now wants you to do missions for him. As soon as he hangs up, you will see the closed gates disappear, and you can now access Starfish island. To get things going, head to the letter "D" on your radar to access Diaz' first mission. But before you do that, you'll notice Diaz' infernus just outside his mansion. In preparation for the next mission, I'd get in the infernus, then immediately get out and run away, so the door will be open. Meaning the car will be available once you begin Diaz' mission.

Mission #8- The Chase (Diaz)
A fairly simple mission. Pretty much self explanatory and basic, however there are few tips to help make it that bit easier. Assuming you did what I told you to do with the infernus outside Diaz' mansion, get into it, and drive to the destination. If you are confident in driving scooters then do the mission like this-


Stop at the pink marker, get out and go to the window. When you are back in play make a run for the roof, and start chasing the thief. Now, instead of keeping your hand on sprint until Tommy gets tired, repeatedly tap sprint so that Tommy never tires out at all. You should overtake the thief about half way through. Once you overtake him, continue running until you reach the edge of the building, then jump off, onto a skip. Beside the skip you'll find a scooter, quickly get on it and drive behind the BF injection which is waiting for the thief. Make sure you part yourself quite far away from the car, as the thief will start shooting at you with a shotgun once he enters the vehicle.


This is the tricky part of the mission, what you have to do is follow the thief, in order to find out where his hideout is. This is pretty difficult, as the thief will constantly shoot you with a shotgun. It is also very annoying as most of the time he pops your tires, forcing you to go out of control all the time. So care is need for this part. What you do is, try and position yourself a fair way back from the vehicle, close enough to see it, and close enough so that the thief fires unsuccessful shots, which will indicate your about as far away as you can be. If the thief starts to get you when you're following him, you can try and nestle yourself behind other cars, so that he shoots them instead. Alternatively, you can drive from side to side, instead of remaining in a fixed position. This will reduce your chances of getting shot. Now careful follow him to his hideout, and..



*mission passed*
Mission #9- Phnom penh 86 (Diaz)
Note: This mission is tricky because you have to shoot whilst in a swaying helicopter. May be vital to get some shooting practice done before you begin the mission.


This mission is fairly difficult, and relies heavily on your ability and accuracy with a manual aim gun. You'll start in the chopper, and Lance will fly you to the destination*. On your way you can practice some shooting. The things you can practice on are as follows-

  • Diaz' Limousine and infernus in front of his mansion
  • Any cars you see on Starfish Island
  • There will be a boat on a jetty at the edge of Starfish island, which is good for aiming at
  • There are three boats just in front of the Leaf links golf course which are primarily there for shooting practice, as Tommy mentions it
  • Just overhead after that will be two choppers, which again are there primarily for shooting at
After that you will arrive at the thieves hideout, the yellow building to the right. On the roof you'll see five people who all start shooting at you. You'll also notice two explosive red barrels beside them, the first thing I would do would be to shoot the red barrels. It will probably only kill one, but I've wasted a couple using that method before. You'll also notice another red barrel in the top right corner, but there is no need to shoot at it as it won't kill anybody. Now kill the remaining other people.


Lance will then take you over to the side of the building where there will be four people all shooting at you. Two of them are on the top balcony, and two are on the bottom. Try and shoot the two on top first, as they're closest to you, then go for the two on the bottom. One of them is barely visible, you can only see his feet, so you'll have to look carefully to get him.


Once that's done Lance will take you round to the next building, which is green. There will be a bobcat located there, which you should shoot at straight away until it blows up. And then to your left a Gang burrito will appear. Now shoot at that repeatedly until it blows up. Once you've done that to the right you'll notice an empty swimming pool, with a person and an explosive red barrel. Don't shoot the red barrel as it's too far away to kill the person, just aim for him until he's dead.


Once he's dead Lance will then move you again, this time to where some tennis courts are situated. There is also two vehicles; a bobcat and a Gang burrito. Shoot at them constantly until they blow up. If you see another red barrel again ignore it, as it's too far away to harm anybody. There will be two people on the tennis court, which are fairly difficult to see, but kill them as best you can. There will also be somebody beside the tennis court, near a small building. Again kill him.


Then Lance will take you over to the next building. On the roof will be four people you have to kill. One of them is stood very near an explosive red barrel, you can opt to kill him manually, or shoot the red barrel to kill him. There is also two explosive red barrels on either side of the rear end of the building, which do not need to be shot at as they will do nothing. Now kill the remaining three bastards and Lance will take you to the next bit.


Lance should now take you to the front of the Green building where you'll see six people, as well as a gang burrito. Ignore the Gang burrito and go for the people. There are two on the top tier, which I would kill first. And there are four on the bottom tier. Two in the middle and one on either staircase. It doesn't really matter which ones you kill first on the bottom tier, just kill them all as quick as possible.


And now Lance should move you to the last bit in the Chopper. Be aware on this bit, the guns they use are lethal. Speed is a must on this bit, but providing you haven't taken much damage beforehand, you should be fine. There are three people on the roof, all in close proximity. There is also a red barrel behind them, but you'll notice it's too far away to cause effect, so ignore it. Kill the three people as quick as possible and then you've completed the aerial part of the mission. The rest will be on foot.


What you have to do is enter the building, get onto the roof and retrieve Diaz' briefcase. There are, however, a few obstacles. You'll have the M4 gun which is manual aim, but is a one shot kill. As soon as you get to the stairs leading up to the entrance of the building, you should be able to see a person on the stairs. He won't be able to shoot you accurately but you can get him. That's one out of the way. Now go to the top of the stairs, still remaining outside the building, position yourself so that you can see another person to the right, stood behind something, and shoot him. Now position yourself again so that you're in view of a person to the left of the one you just killed, and kill him. Now enter the building.


As soon as you enter you'll see a man stood in front of you, in the center on the first floor. Kill him. Once you've done that you now have a choice; You can continue using your manual aim gun, or pick up a deceased person's Uzi, which is auto aim. Providing you pick up the Uzi, which is what I would do, you then have to kill two more people on the first balcony. One is on the left and one is on the right. Go up the first set of stairs, press the aim button and kill them both. Now go up the stairs, follow your way around until you find an opening, with another set of stairs and a person stood at the top. Kill the person and go onto the roof. Once that's done collect the briefcase. Lance will then arrive and..



*mission passed*


Note: You will now have unlocked the second island.


Note: Coincidently you will receive a phone call from Colonel Cortez. Which gives you the opportunity to do one of two missions, whichever one you choose. I'll go for "Sir, yes, sir".


Note: You have to kill a total of 37 gang members in this mission. It is NOT easy! By no means.


* There is a secret in this mission. When you are on the way to the thieves house and you pass under a bridge, turn your aim around and you will notice a man in dungarees making a jump for it.

Mission #10- The Fastest boat (Diaz)
Note: Once you begin this mission, fail it or pass it, you will now have access to the second island.


Note: If you have been following and doing what I've said, you should at least still have the M4 gun, an Uzi and various other weapons. If you do not have any guns or ammunition, make sure you acquire some, as you most definitely need some.


Note: If you need some life, as soon as you enter the docks continue on forward until there is a gap to the right. This gap leads to staircase which will lead to a jetty, which will then lead to health icon.


A fairly self explanatory mission. Requires little tips which will help make it easier to complete. Before you walk into the pink marker, again get into Diaz' infernus, and then quickly get out, and run away, to leave the door open. Then start the mission. When you begin get back into the infernus and drive to the docks. When you get there, don't drive through the gates, stop just outside them.


Now get out of your car and get your gun at the ready, and enter the gates. There will be a pedestrian on one side of the building your trying to enter, shoot him. As soon as you shoot him all others will now be alerted and go for you. One will appear from the other side of the building, so make sure you kill him. If you go to the entrance of the building via the right hand side, then another pedestrian will appear and start shooting at you. Again, kill him. Now, once that's done go round to the entrance of the building, and somebody will run up from the jetty, as well as two people going at you from the left. Make sure you kill them both as quickly as possible. And bear in mind that they have AK-47s!


Once they're dead a mini cut scene will appear telling you the find the switch which lowers the boat. But before you do that, patrol the area to make sure everybody is dead. And you should notice if you go around the building that one more person is to be killed. After the deed is done then go back around to the entrance of the building, where three people will be waiting for you, with there hammers at the ready. As you can guess they're much easier to kill, so simply shoot them. After that is done you should see to the rear of the building a little pink marker, walk into it. Tommy will now lower the boat.


Now, be aware, more people will arrive, 6 of them to be exact, and all fully loaded. Kill them all, and then go to the now lowered boat, and get into it. You will have two stars before you enter the boat, but after you enter the boat that will move up to three stars. Policemen have boats, so they will go for you on the water. However, the next bit is pretty easy, just follow the pink marker and head to Diaz' mansion. When you get there..



*mission passed*


Note: You have to kill 16 people on this mission, most of them fully loaded with AK-47s, so be very aware.

Mission #11- Sir, yes sir (Colonel Cortez)
I find this mission remarkably easy. However some people struggle heavily with it, which is understandable, as it can be tricky. The mission is pretty much self explanatory, which requires little amount of tips. When you begin the mission, if you have a vehicle waiting for you, I'd not get in it and get into either the Cheetah just outside Cortez' or a car in the car park just near Cortez'. I'd definitely not opt to go on a bike, for obvious reasons.


Drive to the destination, and be careful with your car on the way. Once you get within sight of the army surplus patrolling through the town, quickly drive up to the tank. When you get there quickly get out, do not kill any army men beside the tank, go to the right hand door of the tank and enter it. Immediately put the foot on the gas, blowing up everything in your path. And drive to the destination. Do not fret about the detonator, it shouldn't go anywhere near detonation, providing you're careful as well as quick.



*mission passed*
Mission #12- Supply and demand (Diaz)
Part one- The boat race


Once you begin the mission head to the jetty. There you'll find Lance sat in a squallo, which you will drive to a yacht. But you won't be alone, you have to beat four other boats to get to the yacht first. Two boats go in one direction directly forward, and two boats go to the left and under a bridge. My advice would be to go left, for a couple of reasons-

  • It's wider to race and pass the other boats
  • You'll overtake the boats fairly quickly, before you get to the trickier parts of the course
So, providing you go left, when you get under the bridge, you will be pretty lose to the opponents. By the time you start to drive by a leaf links, you should've overtaken them. Be careful when overtaking as if you crash into one of the boats, it could knock you onto the leaf links golf course, making you immobile, and coincidentally failing you the mission Now you'll have to keep your nerve and hold the squallo steady, so you don't crash or veer out of control. It's easy to keep a lead, but there is, however, a difficult section. That difficult section is after you go under a little bridge. Slow down just as you get to the bridge, as they're will be a large boat in your path. There is a little gap to the left of this boat, so carefully drive through the gap. If you hit the boat it will most definitely sway you out of control and probably cause you to lose the race. But, if you are careful and don't hit the boat, you'll most probably succeed. And that's part one over.


Part two- Getting back to Diaz' mansion.


Here's the more difficult part of the mission. You have to make your way back to Diaz' mansion. But of course it's not that simple. On the way you'll have to face many enemies. But this time, Lance, instead of you, will be driving. You have possession of an AK-47. Immediately when you're in play you'll see two boats behind you, shooting at you. Repeatedly start shooting at them, you'll never run out of bullets. And don't worry about hitting the spoiler on the boat, as it won't cause any damage towards you.


Try your best to blow the two boats up. Once they're blown up, turn your aim to the left, as there will be some pedestrians on a jetty all waiting for you. As soon as you can see them, begin to shoot. There are two explosive red barrels behind them so aim for that. To be honest I wouldn't worry too much about not killing many of them, as they only shoot at you for about three seconds before you're out of sight. But be aware, as soon as they're out of they way turn your aim to the rear of the boat and lift it up, as a sea sparrow will be chasing you down. On the sea sparrow is a man shooting at you so try and get him out of the way first. If you do that you don't have to blow the heli up, but you can if you wish.


After that and you progress further, turn your aim to the front of the boat where another boat will be waiting for you. I wouldn't start shooting yet, wait until you get close to them so you can see who's on the boat. One person will be shooting at you, try carefully to kill him and once that's done you need not do anything else. Lance will take you to Diaz' jetty.



*mission passed*


Note- You'll now receive a phone call from Kent Paul regarding Lance. So head straight over to the Malibu and be prepared.

Mission #13- Death Row (Tommy Vercetti)
A big, and very, very difficult mission. Take major precautions before starting this mission, by ensuring you have full health*, full armour*, a hefty amount of decent weapons, which you should already have from previous missions and a pretty slick vehicle.


As soon as you begin the mission you'll be in a race against time to get to Diaz. So as soon as you begin get straight into your vehicle and rive to the destination. The quickest way I know to get to the destination is by going through starfish island and then through Little Haiti. Once you pull up round the corner and are on the path to the junkyard, as soon as you see gunshots or Diaz' men bail out of your vehicle. Providing you are going fast enough, the fleeing vehicle will go straight into the vehicle blocking the entrance to the junkyard, and will kill at least two of Diaz' men. Which can be very beneficial as they drop a couple of AK-47's. Now progress into the junkyard, and kill another of Diaz' men just near the entrance, and pick up the weapons dropped.


Once in the junkyard you'll see three more men coming at you, kill them. Just down beside a pile of junk will be another man, which you should kill. Once that's done start heading towards Lance. You'll notice in the distance a dumpster vehicle, in which two of Diaz' men will get out. Try not to blow up the dumpster, as you'll need it for later. Then kill the two men. Now, before you go any further, get into the dumpster then immediately get out and run, so you leave the door open. Now go and head towards Lance. One man will be stood near a green machine to your left, and one man will be on top of a bulldozer, as well as another man who will be on top of the large green machine to your left. He may jump down, he may not, either way kill him, as well as the other two men. And progress again until you get near the entrance to where Lance is being held up.


Two men will be guarding the entrance, so kill them, and one man will be inside the building, so kill him. Now run up to Lance and nudge him. Once back in play ignore the money Diaz' goons have dropped, make sure Lance is following you and get into the dumpster in the junkyard. Now exit the junkyard. Once out about six comets will come driving up to you. They are Diaz' men, and they're out to get you. Here's a little tip to bide some time; once out of the junkyard once you see a opening to the left, drive down it. Diaz' men will not follow you, now as soon as you see a right turn, go down it, and continue driving.


Once you're out of the alleyway, providing you've done it right, you'll be outside the pizza place. Now try your best to get Lance to the hospital as quick as possible, avoiding Diaz' men in the process. Of course they're going to catch you up as they're in one of the fastest vehicles in the game. You'll probably be fine though as the dumpster is extremely strong. Once you get to the hospital Lance will get out, and..



*mission passed*


* To get full health, go to the pizza place near the malibu and order some food.


* To get full Armour, just across from the Malibu is a gap which is for a hospital. Just below a sign will be a Armour icon, just pick it up.


Note- You have to kill 15 of Diaz' goons, all fully loaded with decent ammunition.

Mission #14- Rub out (Tommy Vercetti)
Note- If you're not good with an AK-47, then I suggest to go to ammu-nation nearby the hospital you've just taken Lance to, and equip yourself with a good amount of Colt pythons. I'd also make sure you have full health and Armour prior to beginning the mission.


Note- All the time keep an eye on Lance and his health, it's vital.


You should still be near the hospital where you've just taken Lance, and you should still be in the Dumpster. Now, turn the Dumpster around and head over to Prawn Island. Just before you get to the bridge, take a left turn, and you should be near a large building where the Easter egg is. Walk through the doors of the building and it should take you to the top. Once at the top you'll see a ramp in which you walk up, which will lead you to a helipad, hopefully with a VCN maverick on top. Get in the heli, and head to the "V" icon on Starfish island.


Before you walk into the pink marker, get out of your heli and then make a run for it, to leave the door open. Then walk into the pink blip. Once the mission begins your heli should still be there. Get in it and wait for Lance to join you. Then fly up to the top of Diaz mansion and land the heli. Now get out and head into the building. Once in the building head down the stairs, kill one of Diaz' men waiting for you and go down the first entrance you see. Once out of the entrance you'll see a few of Diaz' men, four of them I think, as well as Diaz. Kill his four goons first and then go for Diaz. He'll take around nine shots with the colt python to kill him and pass the mission.



*mission passed*


Note- The method I have just described saves you killing around twenty of Diaz' men, whereas this method you have to kill around six.


Once you complete the mission you will now have acquired Diaz' mansion, as well as $50,000.

Mission #15- Shakedown (Tommy Vercetti)
Once you begin the mission head down the stairs. You'll see a Stinger with an Uzi behind it. Pick up the Uzi and then get into the Stinger. Now head to the North point mall. Once there go inside and then do as said and shoot all the shop windows. There are a total of 25 windows to smash, 13 downstairs and 12 upstairs. On the radar the circular pink markings are to show that the windows are on the same floor as you are, and the triangular shaped pink markings are to show they are on a different floor to where you are. After you've destroyed all 13 windows downstairs and are running low on ammunition, then there is a gun shop which sells Uzi's on the first floor, so purchase a few.


Once all 25 windows have been destroyed you'll probably have 5 stars but you'll pass the mission, which will wipe out any stars you had, and also enable you to purchase assets; Malibu, pole position club, boatyard, Ice cream company, Kaufmann cabs, Sunshine autos, film studio and the print works.



*mission passed*
Mission #16- Bar brawl (Tommy Vercetti)
When you begin the mission get into the sentinel parked outside Diaz' mansion, wait for your two goons and head over to the designated area. Once there you'll see two security men with pink arrows hovering above there head. Run them both over, and get out of your car and go and speak to the front page bar owner.


Once that's over head over to where you're supposed to go, and you should see a lot of security men in a little fenced off area. Drive your car a little up the alley opposite them, turn it back around and ram it straight into where all the men are held up. They will shoot at you and you will bang against the wall, so hopefully your car will set fire. Once that happens, get out and make a run for it. When the car blows up hopefully everybody will die, at that point immediately look for another vehicle, as two bikers ill try to escape.


Once in a vehicle head out to get the two bikers, but keep an eye out for Securicars who will be out to get you. Don't worry about them getting away as they don't go very fast, once you catch up to them try and run them over, it' the best option. Once you kill them...



*mission passed*
Mission #17- Copland (Tommy Vercetti)
This mission is relatively easy. Once you begin you have to attract the cops' attention. To do this simply try running over pedestrians while you make your way to the destination. If you run over a cop then you will immediately get two stars. Once that's done, then head over to the destination, but be careful as you're on the run. Once you get to the garage drive in it and wait for a couple of cops to go in with you. The garage doors will shut and you will steal there uniforms.


Now you'll need to acquire a cop car. There is one hidden beside the garage, behind a wall to the east. Get in that and head to the mall. Before you get in the mall, when you exit your police vehicle leave the door open so it will be there when you exit the mall. Once inside the mall do what needs to be done, planting the bomb, then make a run for it. When the Tarbrush cafe blows up that's when the tricky part begins. You'll now have 5 stars, and you have to get back to your mansion. Exit the mall through the doors you entered, and your police car should still be there. Get in it, and head towards the mansion. If you're struggling there are a few police bribes on the way, on outside the mall and one near the pizza place. Once you get back to your mansion...



*mission passed*


You will now have completed the Vercetti estate protection asset.


You also cannot purchase the Katana sword, which was once available in the Tarbrush cafe.

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Asset missions completed-


You have to complete five asset missions, which has to include the print works. This is the quickest way to complete them all-



Cherry popper ice-cream company
You have to purchase the Ice-cream factory for $20,000 before you can complete any missions




What you have to do to complete the protection ring asset for the cherry popper ice-cream company is called "Distribution". What you have to do is deliver ice creams filled with cocaine to complete the asset. You have to do 50 in one sitting. It's fairly easy, as well as tedious and a little risky, as cops nearby will try and bust you if they find out what you're doing. To turn on the jingle, hit the R3 button, and the best place to go in my opinion would be the docks. Then when you are in an area with a lot of people, stop your vehicle, but make sure the jingle is still on. If people want an ice-cream they will have a pink arrow hovering above there head, and they'll start running towards you. Another thing I'd do would be to put the in-game view the furthest away, so you can see if any cops are coming towards you, as even if you have one star, cops are nowhere to be seen. Once you have distributed 50 ice-creams in one sitting you can exit your vehicle, and you have then completed the protection ring asset.



*mission passed*



Cherry popper ice-cream company asset completed
Kaufman cabs
You have to purchase Kaufman cabs or $40,000 before you can complete any missions




A pretty easy and simple mission. Once you begin, head to the destination on Starfish island. Once there, turn your cab around so that it is facing the second island. When the opposing cab hijacks your far you now have to chase him down. He doesn't drive very fast so once you catch up to him constantly ram him, don't shoot the car as it may set fire and kill the pedestrian. Continue ramming the vehicle and hopefully the pedestrian will flee and get in your car. The opposing taxi will now be after you so be careful you evade him and take the pedestrian to the airport. Simple.



*mission passed*


Friendly rivalry


In this mission you have to destroy three other rival cabs. Before you begin the mission I'd make sure you've got a lot of Uzi ammunition. When you begin the mission follow the yellow markers on the radar. They mainly drive around Little Havana. Once you get to one, adjust your cab so that it is beside the rival cab, aim your uzi to side the rival cab is on and constantly shoot at it until it sets fire. When it sets fire drive away from it so that when it blows up it won't set your vehicle alight. One down two to go.


There will be two yellow markers remaining now, head for any, it doesn't matter which one you choose. Once you get to the second one, which will still be in either Little Havana or on the large main road just near little Havana, do the same as you did with the first one until it sets flames, and then drive away. Two down, one to go. The third one will either be in Little Havana, Little Haiti or the long main road. Again once you get there do hat you did with the previous two, and when it sets fire drive away from it. Once it blows up...



*mission passed*




The hardest taxi mission to complete. but with my tips, it can become surprisingly easy. When you begin the mission head to the destination, and sound the horn to alert Mercedes. ix rival cabs will arrive and the gates to the exit will close. Now what you have to do is stay alive for a minute. Which is incredibly easy providing you drive around in a recurrent circle. If you do this correctly not one rival cab will touch you an you won't damage your car in any way whatsoever. After you survive the minute a Zebra cab will arrive, and the six taxis who were after you will now be immobile. Your job now is to destroy the Zebra cab. Be aware, as it's stronger and more agile than the cab you're in, but providing you still have the Uzi's, this will be easy to do. Like the mission before try and adjust your cab so that it is at the side of the Zebra cab, aim your gun at it and constantly shoot at it until it sets fire. Once it sets fire drive away, the driver will probably flee the cab and go for you on foot. Again be aware, he is equipped with a shotgun, so try and run him over quickly. Once you kill him...



*mission passed*



Taxi firm asset completed
Pole position club
You have to purchase the Pole position club for $30,000 before you can complete any missions


Spend $300 on stripper


What you have to do to complete the protection ring asset for the pole position club is spend $300 on a stripper in the back. If memory serves me you don't have to do it in one sitting, and the total time you have to sit watching her accumulates to 5 actual minutes. Once you spend $300 on the stripper then you can exit the room and you'll have completed the asset. Peace of piss.



*mission passed*



Pole position club asset completed
The boatyard
You have to purchase the boatyard for $10,000 before you can complete any missions


Checkpoint charlie


Once you purchase the boatyard two fast boats will appear on your jetty. Both of them, once entered, will enable you to partake in the mission "Checkpoint charlie". There is a squallo to the left and a cuban jetmax to the right. Personally I'd go for the squallo, as it's faster as well as easier to control in my opinion. When you begin the mission you have to drive through green icons, to help you know where you're going, the radar will show you where the checkpoint you're going to, and also the checkpoint after that one. Be careful, the course changes direction constantly. There is a very difficult section where you have to jump over three ramps to collect the icons. The tips I suggest here is to be extra careful and align your boat directly in the centre of the ramp before jumping over it. You do have to be quick though, as you have to complete the course in under 2 and a half minutes. When you do complete the course...



*mission passed*



The boatyard asset completed
Sunshine autos
You have to purchase Sunshine autos for $50,000 before you can complete any missions


1st car list


There are a total of four car lists. You only have to complete the first list to complete the asset protection though.

, it shows you the cars you need as well as the reward you receive for completing the list, which is a Deluxo vehicle and $1500 per day revenue. Here is where you can find the vehicles-


Landstalker A Landstalker can be found always at the Dirt Track by Downtown, it includes a mission but you don't have to do it.


Idaho A difficult vehicle to find. Extremely rare vehicle. I'd first take a look at moist palms hotel. If it's not there then I would check around the printworks in Little Haiti.


Esperanto Another rare vehicle to find, but some have known to pass Sunshine autos. I'm not too sure whether there's one parked anywhere.


Stallion This can be found on top of the car park on the first island where you go on the mission "Guardian angels". Once you get in it, it begins a mission called "Cone crazy", but just ignore it and take it to sunshine autos.


Rancher Because the rancher is remarkably similar to the landstalker, I'd go to the dirt track to get the landstalker, rive around a bit and hopefully a rancher will appear.


Blista compact You can often find a Blista compact near ocean view hotel, or on the long straight road beside it.


Once you find the vehicles take them to a remote garage in sunshine autos, which only opens when you take the required car to it.



*mission passed*



Sunshine autos asset completed
The printworks
You have to purchase the printworks for $70,000 before you can complete any missions


Note- Make sure you have some decent ammo for these two missions.


Spilling the beans


The first of two missions regarding the printworks. When you begin you'll see a taxi with a massive pink arrow hovering above it. Get in the backseat of the taxi and it will take you to the Malibu to see Kent Paul. After speaking to Kent Paul you need to head to the docks to the first large boat. Once there. get out of your vehicle, park it just in front of some gates on some grass, just beside the edge of the first boat. If your life is running low, there is a health icon below the first ramp leading onto the boat. There is also some armour nestled in a doorway across from the boat. Once on the boat, the security will spot you and try and gun you down. They will constantly keep appearing from shadowed gaps in the boat. To your left on the boat a man will be shooting at you, kill him then run down the side of the boat, in order to get to the purple icon.


Another man will come running at you, kill him and go around the corner, where you'll find another man, which you kill. Then go up the stairs where you'll find yet another man you have to kill. If you look on the radar you'll notice that the purple icon is triangular shaped, which means you're not yet on the correct level as to where it is. Meaning you have to go up the next set of stairs. Once you're up the next set of stairs you'll be greeted by another man shooting at you. So kill him. You have to go up yet another set of stairs to get onto the correct level to were you're supposed to go. Once you're up the stairs, a man on the roof will start shooting at you, as well as a man behind you. Kill them both. Now go to the destination. Once you exit the destination the police will be onto you.


Go own two sets of stairs, until another man will appear and start shooting at you. Kill him, then turn to the left and jump over the wall and you should land on the grass where your car is parked. Get back in your car and head of back to the printworks. Once there...



*mission passed*


Hit the courier


Note- If you begin to lose life at any point or it begins to become critical, there is a health icon just near your boatyard, at the end of a remote jetty.


You should have a lot of ammunition, as well as a car waiting for you once you begin the mission. Providing you do so, get into your vehicle and head over to the destination. Don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure you have to kill at least 12 female pedestrians, all loaded with varying weapons. There are about seven women on the ground just near where the helicopter is to land, so kill them all. There is one woman on a roof to the right of all the other women, another woman is on another roof to the left of the women in the middle. And there is also another woman on top of a crane type thing just near the edge of land. Make sure you kill them all, and then wait for the courier to arrive. Once she gets out of the helicopter, kill her, and her compatriot. Then get the briefcase she drops. There should be three cars in the middle of the area, so get in one, and head out to the printworks. Or alternatively, you could get into the courier's helicopter and fly back to the Printworks. As you will have at least wo wanted stars, this will make things much easier. Be aware if you go by car though.


If this is no help, take a look at this method, posted by Flesh-n-Bone-


Just stand by the boatyard and make sure you're equipped with a Laser Slighted Sniper Rifle. Just wait there for a while and the Maverick will arrive, there ready your Sniper and back-up a bit so you're away from the attackers. The courier will eventually get in a car and drive, there take out your sniper and head-shot her through the windshield. Then run for the plates and get in the couriers car or one of your own choice, and drive back to the printworks. It's a risk-less way without having any police chasing you or having any shoot-outs. It's slightly harder using the regular Sniper.



*mission passed*



The printworks asset completed



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Now, you should have completed five asset mission properties, which will enable you to complete the preliminary mission; Cap the collector.



Game ending missions completed-



Cap the Collector
A pretty difficult mission. But to no surprise, as it is the second to last mission regarding Vice city's storyline. Before you begin I'd advise you to get a speedy vehicle. The Deluxo at Sunshine autos would be a good option, as it's close to the printworks, so won't take long to retrieve. Drive it to the printworks, and, as always, when you exit i make sure you leave it's door open. Then begin the mission.


Once you begin, you will now know that you have to catch up to the mafia, who will be taxing your five businesses. If they tax all five, you will fail the mission. There are two men on a Sanchez, and the first place they will be going to is the Malibu club, so head over there. If you get there without crashing, they will probably just have finished taxing the Malibu, and will be on the way to the next place, which is usually the taxi firm. They will drive through Starfish island, which should be the way you're going. So hopefully they'll head towards you. When they do, try your best to run them over constantly. If you're lucky you'll kill them. Unfortunately more will be on there way, and will be closer to the Taxi firm than you are. Considerably closer.


So, start heading over to the Taxi firm. But just to be sure I'd pause the game and check where they are on the map. Again if you're quick and get over there without crashing or slowing down, by the time you get fairly close they will have probably already left the Taxi firm, and will be on there way to the next place, which is usually the ice-cream factory. You either have two options here; You can track them down by following there rail on the radar in the bottom corner, or you can wait on the long stretch of road where the ice-cream factory is. Now, if you kill the two collectors before they get to the ice-cream factory, more will be on there way. An they will usually be coming from Downtown, but will still be heading over to the ice-cream factory. If you're confident, then go to find them before they arrive at the factory, which is what I would do, as it's quicker if you get to them and run them over. However, if you're not confident, then I suggest you go to the ice-cream factory and wait for them to arrive. Once they arrive, kill them by your easiest way necessary.



*mission passed*
Keep your friends close
The big finale. I seriously hope you get yourself fully prepared for this mission. It does require lots of ammo. For this method you'll need at least a hell of a lot of colt pythons, at least 16 bullets with the sniper rifle and LOTS of various other weapons.


When you begin the mission you'll be advised to protect your safe, which is what you should do. Colt python ammunition is at hand just beside you so walk into the icon straight away to fully load yourself up. Now, I wouldn't really say an ideal position to put yourself in, I usually stand behind Tommy's desk, with my colt python at the ready. Every couple of seconds Sonny's goons will arrive trying to steal your money from your safe. You'll be fine, providing you've got a lot of colt python ammunition. Every time they are visible just keep shooting them constantly.


After you've killed around nine people, a message at the bottom of the screen will appear telling you to go and kill Lance. So, don't worry about your money being stolen, and do as what's said. Go out of your office and go for Lance. As soon as you leave the office, Lance will be waiting for you, shooting at you and shouting at you, then he'll run off into the distance down the hallway to the right. More of Sonny's men will arrive on top of the stairs and begin to shoot you, I advise you to ignore them and just go for Lance, so head down the hallway.


As soon as you get to the entrance of the hallway, Lance will be waiting for you so have your colt python at the ready. The moment you get round the corner, immediately aim and begin to shoot Lance. He'll only be there for a few minimal seconds before making a run further down the hallway. So go after him again and again, once you get round the corner, Lance will be there shooting at you. Do as I have just said before, until he runs off again, which will only be a split second later. Be aware though, as two of Sonny's men will also run around the corner, so make sure you kill them before you progress further.


Once you exit the hallway, Lance will again be waiting for you up a set of stairs. He'll start shooting at you again for a split second before running off again. He will now run onto the roof of your mansion, and wait for you, so go after him. Once you go up the first set of stairs another of Sonny's men will arrive, so kill him before you progress again. Be very weary as you progress further, as you now know that Lance will be waiting for you.


As soon as you get onto the roof seven of Sonny's men, as well as Lance will start shooting excessively at you. Here's a little tip; As soon as you are on the roof, immediately sprint to the left corner, where there will be a stack of boxes, and a pill icon. Walk into the pill icon, it will be very beneficial, as it will slow down the game, improve your aiming and remarkably decrease your enemies aiming. If you have not once died throughout this whole ordeal, then hopefully you'll still have the army gun; the M4 in your artillery. If you do change you weapon of choice to that. You won't have very long to kill people with the pill enabled, so you'll need to be quick. Two men are stood near the entrance back into the mansion, so kill them two first, and then advance onto Lance and the two remaining people.


Go for Lance, ignore the other four people at the moment. He's crouching down so impeccable aiming is imperative. Again with the M4 gun him down repeatedly until he dies. You'll know he's dead when Tommy says, "You picked the wrong side Lance". At that point, gun the other remaining men down. You've probably lost a fair amount of life at this point. So I suggest you wait until the tablet runs out, then run onto the helipad on top of your mansion. In the top left corner will be a health icon, so pick it up. Now go back in the mansion, down the stairs through the hallway and onto the main part of the building, then go and stand outside your office. Still don't fret about your money, it's irrelevant at this point.


A mini cut scene will appear, it's Sonny waiting for you, armed with a very lethal weapon. Be very aware, and ensure you are mentally prepared for this. I you are very confident, make sure your weapon of choice is the colt python, and then begin to constantly shoot Sonny. Two of his goons will be beside him, so kill them as well. But make sure you focus solely on Sonny. He's a tough nut to crack as well, taking around seven shots to kill.


Here is another method I shall describe for the not so confident players. As soon as you're in play, make a run for it back up the hallway, and up onto the roof. If there is a helicopter on the helipad, get in it, and fly it down to the long road beside the mansion. Now kill a pedestrian until the ambulance arrives. Kill the paramedics and steal there vehicle. Now adjust it so that it is beside the wall to your mansion, and is in clear view of the entrance. Now what your do is get out of the ambulance, change your weapon of choice to the sniper rifle, and then jump onto the bonnet of your ambulance. Then crouch down, turn your aim round so that it is facing the entrance to your mansion, and Sonny should be stood in the doorway, unable to shoot you correctly. All you have to do now is aim your rifle so that it is on Sonny and repeatedly shoot him until he dies. It will take multiple shots to kill him, but once you've done it...



*Vice city storyline missions completed*


Congratulations, if you have followed this guide mission by mission, you will have now completed all of the Vice city storyline, in the quickest, and hopefully the easiest possible way. This is the way I would usually complete the storyline, I know there are many different ways/tips/techniques on how to complete various missions. So if anybody would like to contribute to this by posting there methods of completing missions, post them in! I hope you enjoyed and benefited from reading this guide, it's taken a long time to complete. Thanks for reading. smile.gif

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Good job man, this adds to your list of useful contributions. icon14.gif Ever considered adding an "extra missions" section that will cover the remaining missions?

user posted image
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Hmmm, sounds like a good idea. I'll probably do that in the near future when I have more time. And thanks for the comments. icon14.gif

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Pinned for now... will eventually be included in the user submitted guides thread...


Nice job (from the parts I skimmed over).... I don't have time to read it all, I just got a new GTA tounge.gif (was finally able to play online last night---- Multiplayer games are awesome)...


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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Cheers for the pin Spuds, hopefully now more people will notice it, and subsequently benefit from this, and thanks for the comment. To be honest I'd be surprised if anybody's read the whole thing yet, aside from me obviously. tounge.gif


Like I said in the third post, if anybody has any contributions or various methods of completeting any of the missions listed above, feel free to post them in. smile.gif

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And, what about the film studio? Why didn't u right about that? I need some help with that f*ckin' DILDO DODO. Can't fly that sh*t. Even NUMO9 doesn't help. Why in the hell this mission is not with heli? That makes me mad. Terribly mad. The RECRUITMENT DRIVE IS SO EASY, but then comes that peace of sh*t.

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MAGHALBU, if you would have looked and read my whole post, you would have noticed that the film studio missions do not contribute to completing Vice city's storylines in the quickest way. Yes they can be considered storyline missions, but you only have to complete five assets, including the printworks. The assets I chose were obviously the quickest and possibly easiest ones to complete, thus making it easier and quicker to complete the storyline.


And besides, if you search the VC sub-forum, I'm sure you'll find help topics for the mission you are stuck on, including Saintdave's pinned topic, VC mission help guide. smile.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is just for the storyline missions. The Biker missions are side missions, and do not lead to anything in the main storyline. Much like the Avery, Phil Cassidy, Love Fist, and Cuban/Haitian missions.

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  • 2 months later...

Is it even possible to keep the Admiral after you go to the Colonel's party? It always seems to get deleted for me. Good job on the guide.

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Is it even possible to keep the Admiral after you go to the Colonel's party? It always seems to get deleted for me. Good job on the guide.

Sorry I didn't reply to this earlier. Yes it is very possible. If you read my tips at the beginning of my first post then you will have read one of them which tells you that if you exit your car to go do a mission, make sure you leave the car door open by running away as soon as you exit. Then once you begin your mission your car will still be there. This is an almost certainty. And thanks for the comment.

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  • 3 weeks later...

hey flicko can u plzz give me the idea of doing the driver mission coz the sound of vice city on my pc doesnt work

sooo plzzz

and i read the whole thing u wrote before finishing the game

i couldnt finish it on the pc but i finished it on my ps2

good work flicko!!

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I'm not quite following you here. Did you mean that you need help on the mission The Driver, or you can't hear the sound of the mission on your PC?


Anyway, if you are struggling to complete the mission in the Sentinel, you could always complete the mission using another vehicle. To do this, make sure you park the vehicle just near the starting line, making sure you leave the door open in the process, so it doesn't disappear. Then simply trigger the mission, get in the superior vehicle and complete the race. It will be extremely easy in the Hotring racer.

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Just a small addition, the Esperanto is parked just east of Moist Palm Hotel in Downtown. It's in a parking lot close to a ramp. Plus driving one will make the Idaho spawn.


The Landstalker is parked at the MPHotel.


EDIT: For Hit the Courier I have a way easier method in case you may want to put this in your guide as well.


Just stand by the boatyard and make sure you're equipped with a Laser Slighted Sniper Rifle. Just wait there for a while and the Maverick will arrive, there ready your Sniper and back-up a bit so you're away from the attackers. The courier will eventually get in a car and drive, there take out your sniper and head-shot her through the windshield. Then run for the plates and get in the couriers car or one of your own choice, and drive back to the printworks. It's a risk-less way without having any police chasing you or having any shoot-outs. It's slightly harder using the regular Sniper.

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Just a small addition, the Esperanto is parked just east of Moist Palm Hotel in Downtown. It's in a parking lot close to a ramp. Plus driving one will make the Idaho spawn.


The Landstalker is parked at the MPHotel.

Where did you find this information? Or did you find this by yourself whilst playing the game?


If you found this yourself, chances are it's incorrect. Just east of Moist Palms hotel will take you to the Greasy Chopper, not Downtown. Downtown is actually North of Moist Palms hotel. And I thoroughly checked all parking lots in Downtown, there is no Esperanto spawned in any of the parking lots. Chances are if you found this by yourself it was a one off, were the Esperanto spawned once or twice in the same parking lot, maybe because you were driving one, or a similar vehicle beforehand.


I've actually just started a game at Ocean View, on foot, and ran to Downtown. I then went in Moist Palms hotel and the only vehicles there were four Perennials. In the Parking lots in Downtown I saw cars ranging from Regina's to Burritos, but no Esperanto or Landstalker.


I'll have a look into the printworks it later. I apperciate your contribution with this. icon14.gif

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I have found this by myself. I don't exactly know where I'm pointing because I have no idea where in the map is east and west, I just now the districts by roads and not where they lay. I'm pretty sure there's a parking lot quite close to MPH where I have usually found an Esperanto. I'll go and play again now to see if they spawn again.
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I have found this by myself. I don't exactly know where I'm pointing because I have no idea where in the map is east and west, I just now the districts by roads and not where they lay. I'm pretty sure there's a parking lot quite close to MPH where I have usually found an Esperanto. I'll go and play again now to see if they spawn again.

There we go. I can sure you I've checked all car parking lots in Downtown, including Moist Palms hotel numerous amounts of times, and nearly every time I go in a different vehicle spawns there.


And for future reference, to identify East and West, take a look at your radar, where you'll see an N symbol, which abbreviates to North. I'm sure if you're wise you'll be able to figure out where East, South and West is from that. smile.gif

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It's just in-game I can't figure out which side I'm on, but I KNOW Downtown is on the northern part of the mainland.


And I just found an Idaho parked at the fire-station in Downtown.


Here is a screenshot:


user posted image

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Yeah, I'm currently in the exact same spot, and there's a Glendale right where the Idaho on your picture is placed. I think it boils down to randomness, and what car you were in before which determines car spawns in parking lots. I know for sure there isn't a fised location in any of the parking lots in Downtown.


Anyway, I'm going to quote, and add your inclusion regarding the mission Hit the courier, thanks.

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I think the spawning is totally random, for the vehicle I was using, it was a Stallion I had. Then I killed a Biker and took his Angel and drove to the fire-station where I found a bunch of Idaho's. I think driving a muscle car will make more spawn.


And no problem regarding Hit the Courier, my method is 10 times easier.

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hey flicko i didnt mean abt the driver mission

i dont hav the sound of vc on my pc

so i cant finish the mission called distribution

the jingle or something doesnt work

how do u finish dildo dodo on pc

can anybody tell me coz i feel checkpoint charlie

is hard whatsthat.gif

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Even if you cannot hear the sound if the game, you will still be able to complete the mission Distribution. First, make sure you know the button which triggers the jingle, and press it. You will know that it is working if pedestrians with pink arrows hovering above their head come running towards you. If they don't come running towards you, or you get the message at the bottom of the screen reading- There are no customers in this area, then you'll know the jingle is actively working, whether you can hear it or not.


A tip to where you'll find the most customers is at the docks in Viceport. The builders, lorry drivers and old women, as well as other pedestrians that spawn in that area will all run to your van. Sometimes around 6 or 7 come to your truck all at once, so it would be very efficient to complete the mission at the Docks. You only have to sell 50 ice-creams, and it does have to be in one sitting. Once you have completed 50, exit your vehicle and you will have completed the asset, unless of course you don't want to exit, and want to carry on earning money selling more ice-creams.


A little word of warning though, for this mission I always make sure I have the view on the furthest away. There are substances in the ice-creams you're selling that are illegal, and you'll often find yourself with a Wanted star. And once a police gets hold of you, you will fail the mission and be forced to start over. So make sure you keep an eye out for the police, and you should be fine.To evade the police, simply drive to another area until you lose your wanted star, and Carry on with the mission.


To complete the mission Dildo Dodo, you're going to have to be very careful. It's a sea skimmer, and can only land on water as it has no wheels. So make sure you don't land on solid ground.


You may well be constantly failing the mission because you're not being careful, and you end up ricocheting off a building or wall, an falling onto solid ground. Once you do land on solid ground, you may as well re-start your game and do the mission again.


Jut remember to fly carefully through the markers and you should soon pass the mission, not running out of fuel. In many cases this mission requires practise, and lots of it. Keep plucking at it and you'll crack it.


Regarding the mission Checkpoint Charlie, yes I agree it is very difficult to complete, and you have to be spot on to complete the mission within the timer, and make sure you drive directly through the markers to hit them. If you drive through the edge of a marker, although you did pass through a bit of the marker, it will not be counted, forcing you to reverse/turn around to retrieve it. You have a choice of boat to complete this mission, I always opt for the Squallo. It seems to handle better than the Cuban Jetmax, and is a tad faster.


I'd constantly be looking at the radar, which will show you where the checkpoint you are aiming for, and will also show the checkpoint after that one, which is a great help as the course often changes direction sharply. There is a very difficult section where you have to jump over three ramps to collect the icons. The tips I suggest here is to be extra careful and align your boat directly in the centre of the ramp before jumping over it. You do have to be quick though, as you have to complete the course in under 2 and a half minutes.

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i got a SnP file and he did the mission dildo dodo for me but for distribution on pc i know the jingle button which is LSHIFT or RSHIFT i pressed it once but still nothing happens i was in the docks but nothing called "there is noone in this area" is not coming whatsthat.gif

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hey flicko i wanna say something but plzz dont mind ok

on pc if u tap the sprint button i think so for 7 or 8 times something comes and its like sticky keys if u wanna see then try it out

press LSHIFT or RSHIFT for 7 or 8 times

sry if mind sad.gif

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hey flicko i wanna say something but plzz dont mind ok

on pc if u tap the sprint button i think so for 7 or 8 times something comes and its like sticky keys if u wanna see then try it out

press LSHIFT or RSHIFT for 7 or 8 times

sry if mind sad.gif

That has nothing to do with Vice city though does it? It's just something which you can do on the PC, and shouldn't be discussed in this topic. smile.gif


Anyway, regarding the Distribution mission, it doesn't look like there's much you can do, besides keep pressing the button which trigers the jingle and hope you start geting some customers. Do you know why your game is like that? Perhaps a corrupted modification?


If that is the case you might might to re-install any mods. I haven't got Vice City on PC so I can't really help you.

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No i dont hav mods i never like mods like when i was in my friends house he was playing vc so on his pc he has the sound so he gave the cd to me but the sound doesnt work on my pc

the cd is real and he bought it for 200 bucks but still the jingle doesnt come cryani.gif


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Mainland Marauder

Even on PS2, activating the jingle on the Mr. Whoopee truck can be a little touchy, not unlike the sirens on the emergency vehicles. Giving the button a tap rather than keeping it held down for any length of time helps.


If your computer is running slow I figure it can do nothing but further complicate starting the jingle. If this is the case, try freeing up as much memory (i.e. shutting down unnecessary background programs and/or lowering visual settings) and see if it makes it better. This is just a hunch as to what your problem might be, mind you.


Apologies for possibly contributing to veering this further into PC chat, but if this helps, it'll make passing "Distribution" easier. colgate.gif

"You tell me exactly what you want, and I'll explain to you very carefully why it cannot be."

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