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2 quick questions...


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Hi guys, hope u're having as much fun as I am - about 1/3 through the game, and lovin' every second.


2 quick questions though:


First: when u get the new phone with the camera, and u take pics, does the game save these anywhere? or is the camera only functional for certain missions?


Second: I know how the game uses the new parking spots by the safehouses, but has anyone tested/found out if you can store more than one car in the zone?


Thx for ur time, guys... I'm gonna go do some more missions smile.gif

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Yeah you can store 2 cars in any parking zone...

I even read somewhere that you could park up to 4 cars if you park them sideways, but I haven't tried myself..........yet.

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Thats good then because last night i left a realllly nice stolen sports car outside my safehouse and I already had a bike there, so hopefully they will be both there when i check tonight!

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