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PS3 Problem


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Has anyone else encountered a problem with GTA IV PS3 resolution. I've been experiencing the following for the last two days:


- First I thought the was just *king ugly but then I realized that it runs on 576p for some reason.

- I've tried setting default settings by reseting the factories back.

- I've Re-Installed the game 4 times.

- I've Formatted the PS3 with both quick and full formats.

- I've tried forcing all different resolutions and tried the automatic ones too.


I think the problem somehow occurs because I cannot un-choose the 576p in Display Settings as it is in "grey". So even if I choose to go with that and for example 720p, it still chooses 576 over it.


I seriously doubt that it is _not_ my TV as every other game works just fine with either 720p or 1080p. My TV is Samsung M86 (40" FullHD).


If anyone has a solution for this, thanks a bunch because I really wanna play this game, and at the moment it's just too ugly for that.

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Post a screenshot or it didn't happen.



I didn't know you could choose the resolution in the display settings, it doesn't come up in the menu i'm using....

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You can change the output display settings from PS3 options, not GTA IV. How do I take a screenshot anyway?

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yesterday it was that ps3 runs gta iv ONLY at 630p but now 576???


i feel bad for you ps3 owners cryani.gif


from what i heard yesterday it cant be fixed

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You cant disable the greyed out because its the lowest setting and the minimum default (you can only diable the ones higher than it).


Go through the process again and check a higher setting and then make sure to hit Square to test the setting and if its working hit X to accept and then tab to the right and finish accepting the new resolution.


I was messing with mine all last night and kept getting confused because it wouldnt save my changes until I realized there is an arrow on the right to tab over and then it'll allow you to save the settings.



To bad at 1080p, 1080i, 720p (I didnt try any lower) there are still tons of rough edges and the game just isn't as smooth as I'd hoped. (56" Samsung DLP HDTV using HDMI).





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I don't have a hi-def tv which is like 420i or w/e


and I think the game looks fine.

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