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Converted hilcopter does not spawn in game


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I converted IAR 330L PUMA SOCAT from Vice City ( a mod made by someone ) and it didn't spawned in game, can someone help me, i tryed everything i know

PLEASE help !

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It would help what game you're putting it into, what you've done to convert it. And the steps you've taken to get it to spawn. If you try to force it to spawn by using a trainer, does the game crash?

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I converted i with kam's and ano's but missing the "Wheel delete" (i didn't dele the wheels), and it does not spawn in game, can you give me a tutorial how to convert helicopters. I forced it to spawn with a trainer but the game didn't crash, just not spawned. The trainer works with the oder vehicles. PLEASE HELP !!! i'm trying to put in san andreas

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