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Winged Rats?


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Today I ended up in the North end of the 1st island, Dukes Bay. There is a small observation park overlooking the water with a couple of walkways and rest huts/benches.


I saw something small glowing red on top of one of the rest huts so climbed atop of it. It was a pigeon. When I shot it a message came up saying, "There are 199 winged rats remaning in Liberty City." Can this be an easter egg or a pathway to unlocking something? I thought it was pretty funny, but now i gotta search for 199 more of these bastards.

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John Jacques

I believe these 'pigeons' are the replacement of Hidden Packages for GTA IV. tounge.gif

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yep, they're the new hidden packages...


they're actually infected pigeons and you must eradicate them to save liberty city from getting 'pigeon flu'

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