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Firsty let me say, I have been a GTA gamer since the very start and it has been by FAR my most favourite gaming series of all time, from the early 2d days through to the "big leap" into 3d with GTA-3 and subsequent follow-ups VC & SA.


It goes without saying that like most here on this forum I had been awaiting GTA-4 eagerly for the past 2 years, I don't post much here, I'm more of a reader, but I have sifted through this forum and countless other websites for any crumb of information I could find about the game since its initial announcement...


Its been a long journey full of ups and downs, I remember being CRUSHED when news broke that the game was going to be located in Liberty City again, but I got over it and continued hope that Rockstar wouldnt let us down and for the most part they havent.


I got home from work last night to find my copy waiting and couldnt wait to get stuck into it! I sat and played for a solid 3 hours before moving my eyes away from the screen.


I will admit, my first impressions were pretty much "its just OK.." and I was quietly a little dissappointed inside.


But as i kept playing and got my head around the fiddly things like the new driving controls my satisfaction greatly improved, the graphics are just splendid, the fact that the environment is so much smaller than SA soon becomes the least of your worries and you become immersed in the details. Absolutely gorgeous looking textures.


The interactions with surrounding "peds" provided a countless amount of funny moments, such as bumping into a lady as I was walking along the sidewalk, she said something to me so naturally I waited until she walked away and then shot her in the back.. Then some random ped seen it and starts firing at me from the other side of the street and I had to bail as my health was already pretty low.


Also I noticed a business man say something to a bum while walking past him, the bum ran after him and belted the crap out of him, lol.gif There are little touches like this all the time which means you never know what your likely to see smile.gif .


Shooting did seem a little more frustrating then SA but I didnt really shoot up the place that much in my first session so I'm sure I'll get used to it more with game time.


The crashes & crash damage on vehicles is greatly improved with the step up to next-gen and just gives it that more real feel.


The story line is also very well set out, but i havent gone too deep into that just yet, I will finish that soon enough but I have always thought the most entertaining moments of the GTA games over the years has been the mayhem outside of the story line when just free-roaming, and it seems better than ever in GTA-4.


Overall the game is warming on me, I think its going to keep getting better and better as I adapt to it, and overall I am satisfied that Rockstar have come through for us again smile.gif



To People who own the game and arent happy:

I have noticed quite a few bad reviews on this forum by dissappointed fans so far but all I can say is give it time, it will grow on you, hell even I didnt fancy GTA-3 at first because of the step up from 2d but not I couldnt imagine the genre in anything else but 3d.

Keep playing it, quit your whinging and trying to find fault in every single little petty thing and relax! You'll soon find yourself enjoying it a lot more I have no doubt. Just stop comparing it and play it for what it is.


For people yet to buy the game:

Dont be put off by the few people on here that badmouth this game endlessly, 99% of their complaints are petty minor things that they probably just suck at (like driving) but blame it on the game, I'm not a Rockstar drone and dont praise everything they do for the sake of it, but I can honestly gaurentee you that this game is pure enjoyment and the best of the series so far if you just accept it for what it is and dont be so pessimistic about everything smile.gif




The realism of GTA-4 is a HUGE step up, thats fantastic for graphics nuts but always posed a danger of taking away that cartoony feel that the past GTA's always made so fun and successful, but overall I think they balance it well enough biggrin.gif


Graphics: 9/10 - Absolutely beautiful cityscape and the little details just make it that much more enjoyable.

Gameplay: 9/10 - Endless fun and laughs to be had, the amount of time you will spend playing this game is sure to be bad for you.

Music: 6/10 - Not as good as SA but not too bad.

Value: 10/10 - Although I'm a little biased, Id pay $500 for a GTA game at first release blush.gif





Just my inital thoughts smile.gif

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Good review. Very pleasant to read, unlike all the bashing reviews.

Thanks for writing. icon14.gif

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My Review


Graphics: 9/10

Gameplay: 10/10

Storyline: 8/10 (so far)

Music: 8/10 (so far)

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