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I pre-registered for Social Club (SC) before GTA IV came out. Got the game today and have been playing it trouble free for a few hours now. So I decided to link my PSN ID with Social Club so I could check my stats.


Now when I complete a mission and the auto save kicks in the game freezes for a couple a seconds and then returns to normal. If I sign out of the PSN and play the game offline, the auto save feature doesn't lag me at all. I just noticed this after signing up for the SC, so I assume this is lag from transmitting the data to SC or maybe its a coincidence and I missing the issue? Anyone have similar experience?


I know this is a minor issue and I'm glad I can play the game with all the trouble other people are having, but it's still a minor annoyance I would like to see fixed if its lag from SC. Maybe time will smooth everything out.

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i have a diferent prob i try to activate my ps3 id but it always says dat it is incorrect do u have solution?

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