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I would like a...


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Free PS3. I just want to play this game, and I don't get my PS3 or GTA IV until my grades go up. So if anyone comes across a free one, remember me.

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yeah I think I saw a playstation3 tree in bloom the other day, just go pick one off that.

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Just find a friend with a PS3/360 and GTAIV.

won't be so hard I reckon.


That's what I did when I was 17 in spring 2003, and my friend got a PS2 and VC. played it for hours, singing "dance hall days" over and over again...



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I'm obviously just kidding. But seriously though, I don't know how I'm going to make it to the middle of June. suicidal.gifsuicidal.gifsuicidal.gifsuicidal.gifsuicidal.gif

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