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Niko can watch HDTV on PS3 only


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GTA4 in-game TV better on PS3


This actually makes a lot of sense. Obviously Blu-Ray can hold more video data than DVD. It's also something Rockstar can give the PS3 that doesn't cost them much effort. Exact same content, just encoded at a higher bit-rate and with a simple full-screen viewing option.


I have a 360 but I'm happy PS3 players get a little something for their extra storage capacity. It's clever of Rockstar to think of this as a way to use the space without making gameplay any different.

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Just thought I'd mention that I have the 360 version and I'm not bitter at all biggrin.gif


I spent a good 30 minutes today watching the in-game TV, it's pretty funny. It's cool someone's actually found a (noteworthy) noticeable difference between the two versions, looks like these reviewers don't play the game properly!

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dude i watched a f*ckin comedy show on tv and it was amazing it was like watching real tv, they move on the stage like real life it is exactly like watching tv for real,


rockstar has created sumthing special here for sure, and am not even past 9% of the game yet lol biggrin.gif

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I had a look at what the in-game TV was like and Ricky Gervais came on and it was like watching one of his DVD's. Sheer brilliance.

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