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i have a problem, when i go to hook up online i get this message every time i try and join a MP match on the game


disconnected from game, returning to single player


or somthing like that,


im connected to xbox live i have a 12 month account everything is plugged in and its pissing me off


anyonne know what the problem might be or is?

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Don't Bitch. I was first in line at 8:30, then I get home and my disc is already scratched.




At least you can play the f*cking game

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Yeah, be happy that you can play it... I dont have even console... Im so pissed of..........

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The XBL servers are apparently undergoing heavy strain, this being the biggest multiplayer event of the decade. I'd say keep trying once in a while between missions until we have the scoop smile.gif


PS: Why should he just shrug and say "at least"? He's not the one with a fuxored disc and no consoles, that's us sly.gif

LUCK FOR A BUCK!!!!! f*ck Yea!


GTAF's Most Annoying Unbanned Member.

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bai. -jllr

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