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The unOfficial "I have GTA IV, and it is ____"


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I can guess that in the next few days they'll be a fair amount of "OMG OMG I HAV GTA V LOL LOL LEMME TELL U ABOUT IT" threads..


So I made this thread for that purpose.


This is the thread to tell us all how you feel about the game.


Did it live up to your expectations?

Is it fun?

What would you rate it?


Etc. etc.


No spoilers though please.


And flamers can just get out of the topic now. You're not welcome here.

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"listen blue, theres a man in the corner who needs a mgm grand. and here it is... there are too many of these threads... they have been tried, and they didnt work. just because u gots the word 'offical' in yo title, doesnt mean u the wiznit. yeah, this is a good top banana, but seriously... what the french toast?"-- abraham lincoln

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AT first the game felt a little awkward because of the way Niko moves and the handling in the cars. It does take some getting used to but after that the game feels awesome. You start to notice all those little details and there are so many. I failed a mission with little Jacob and when I retried it everyones clothes were different. Little things like that and big things like the cover system and rich cinematic s make this game so enjoyable. You feel like your watching a good action movie and your in control of the main character. AMAZING

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I have it and the most impressive thing is Online free mode, imence. Cant wait till it gets crowded.

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