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Deuce Deuce

Bugs & Glitches

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For some reason I occasionally get a strange bug/glitch that makes the subway stations underwater. One time I was in Frankfort Low station and I shot a ped. The bullet made a water impact animation and the ped floated to the roof of the station. I was also unable to enter the train platform because of the water preventing me from going doe the stairs.

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Hello, I am unable to use my weapons. I try hitting the assigned key for the weapons and using the mouse wheel but it doesn't work. I am doing the No Love Lost mission, and at first I thought maybe I couldn't use weapons cause I was supposed to wipe the biker out from his bike. I am unable to do that, as even a full speed head on collision with a Turismo didn't do it. So I wen't loooking for a walkthrough and people just kill him with weapons, so I think it's a general game bug. Anyone knows of this error?

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Hi all,


Everything was nice and smooth until the cars' bodywork got a bug. Every time I hit a car, the bodywork has a bug.

Looks like this.




How to fix it, please?

I reinstalled the game, first minute was ok then I got the same.

I reinstalled redistributable vcredist_86x.exe too.

Changed graphics settings, up and down. Nothing seems to work.

Edited by djthomassmith52

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  1. Jump from the tallest building *ROTTERDAM TOWER* in the game with RPG *THE BAZOOKA*
  3. Enjoy your fully automated RPG


Cool sh*t bruh.



Edited by Yankow

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I dont know if this has been said already, but in willis, directly across from the entrance to the park where you killed those bikers in the mission with faustin's daughter, there is a straight alley. after a few hundred yards, you hit a fence. instead of getting thrown off your bike, you get launched a few hundred feet into the air.


Sorry to bump this thread in response to a post from 2008, but I gave this a go last night. Either I've got the wrong alley (next to a warehouse-type building on the south side of the eastern part of the park, opposite the path that leads through the park) or this is total bullsh*t. I just came off the bike and got completely mullered!


Can anyone shed light on this???

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I have had the game for 5 days and have encountered no promblems. Then today I decided to use cheats to make the game easier. I used the Health and Armour, and Car spawn cheats. I used these cheats for about 1-2 hours and I then used a cab to get to a destination. Now whenever I use a car or motorbike, the camera is postioned in front of the car. This has made the game unplayable (I hate first person) and I have restarted the console and the promblem still persists. Has anyone experianced this or knows how to fix it?

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